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Dec 2, 2008 02:19 PM

deals on different days in/around pvd

I was hoping to consolidate a list - I tried to see if this was already covered but couldn't find it. This is what I know so far, I have some holes and would love to know about more.....:
Monday: Rue de le spoir - $1 apps at bar
Weds: Rue del le spoir - $11.99 burger and a beer
Mon - :? Gracie's Theatre Menu 5-7pm full app/entree/desert $40 with wine $?
Weds: Gracie's - wine flight with treats $15 (not during december)
Tuesday : LJs BBQ: $15.99 Fixed Price Menu - 3 p.m. till closing. choice of wine, beer, or soft drink, soup or salad, selected entrees with sides, dessert.
La Laiterie: Tasting menu? days? price?
Red Stripe - some kind of bar menu (at least in Narragansett)

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  1. Had a great meal on Sunday at Waterman Grille from their $19.95 3-course menu. They serve it Sunday - Wednesday.

    Also saw an ad that Troup House was offering free Hors d'oeuvres on Tues/Thurs nights and a 10% discount if you stayed for dinner.

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      I heard the Waterman Grille deal is great! You should call ahead and see what the chef has planned that night. I was going to go on Monday evening, but the menu choices all consisted of 'venison' which I and my friend don't like - so we skipped. Apparently, each week there is one 'main ingredient' the chef uses on the prix fixe menu.

    2. A quibble - it is Rue de L'Espoir (i.e., "Hope Street").