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Help a carnivore with a vegetarian girlfriend

I am looking for a nice place to eat this weekend with the better half

Not cheap and nasty but not fine dining either. I want to make an impression without eating sardine pasta for the week following!

Somewhere which has a solid vegetarian selection without being vegetarian focussed (i.e. a nice piece of meat or fish for me too!)

A vibrant area with places to have a drink beforehand would also be a plus.

What can you suggest?

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  1. What about Bar Jules? You could get a drink before at Suppenkuche, Momi Toby's, Place Pigalle or Absinthe.

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    1. re: Senor Popusa

      Definitely in the right vein, however I would like the security of a reservation.
      I am weird like that.

    2. Go Ethiopian. There's always a vegetarian combo and always many meat dishes (usually even a meat combo).

      I like Zeni in San Jose, but there are plenty of places (I just haven't been to them) in SF, which is where I assume you are.

      1. Has a vegetarian special and you might get some of the veggies from the other dishes. prices look reasonable and reviews seem good.
        Anchor and Hope.
        PS. A city would be helpful.

        1. How about a "nice" Indian place, like Amber India? Pricey for Indian, but not PRICEY pricey, and bound to have decent vegetarian options.

          Here's Amber's dinner menu:


          1. Okay, so I haven't been, so this is a qualified recommendation, but friends love it. Perhaps Walzwerk? On South Van Ness at about 15th, which puts you within reasonable walking distance of the vibrant drinking area 16th & Valencia. The menu has all the heavenly German carnivore delights, while also having enough veggie options to make my vegetarian co-worker drool.

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              Walzwerk is one of our favorite places in SF and they have some great vegetarian dishes. Enthusiastically seconded.

            2. What do you consider fine dining?

              I'm a veggie, and I highly recommend luella in Russian Hill or Sociale out in Laurel Heights. luella's in a more vibrant area, if that's a plus for you.

              I know you've already nixed it, but just my two cents re: Bar Jules: I've tried to eat at Bar Jules several times, and once their only option was soup and another a salad. It was a bummer. And I've never really like the vegetarian special at A&H. It's just sort of... vegetables.

              1. Dosa (two locations now - Valencia and Fillmore) has both meat and vegetarian choices, and it's very chic but not too expensive.

                Weird Fish is pescatarian and has a very local, romantic, funky feel. Also very affordable.

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                  I love Weird Fish, but they don't take reservations. Wait times on the weekend can be 1+ hours.

                2. Chaya in the mission area.

                  My gf is vegetarian. Believe it, it can be a challenge at times...