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Dec 2, 2008 02:00 PM

Anniversary dinner- vegetarian

My husband and I are celebrating our anniversary this weekend and were looking for recommendations. I'm vegetarian, he's not. We are looking for a place in the city for fine dining- preferably no more than $75/pp that has options for both of us. Any suggestions are appreciated!

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  1. Fish okay or vegetables-only? Green Zebra is everyone's knee-jerk reply and while good, it's not great. Otherwise, I can't think of any restaurant that I've been to (and I've been to a lot) where vegetarian options aren't available.

    By "in the city" do you have a specific area in mind or just generally "downtown"?

    1. As noted above, Green Zebra is the most frequent response to such queries because it is the only finer dining restaurant that is almost entirely vegetarian. (They usually have one poultry item on the menu, and that's it.) However, he may not be happy with the limited option for non-vegetarians.

      I've also observed that Shawn McClain's other restaurants - Custom House ( ), which tends toward meat, and Spring ( ), which tends toward seafood - offer some of the same creativity on their vegetable/vegetarian dishes that you find at his Green Zebra restaurant, so one of those might be an option to satisfy both of you.

      There are two excellent restaurants I have been to that typically offer several vegetarian items on the menu; both also specialize in local and seasonal ingredients. One is North Pond ( ), the wonderful restaurant in the middle of Lincoln Park. The other is Lula ( ) in Logan Square. These are my go-to places when going for a nice dinner with vegetarian friends.

      Another option is Cafe Spiaggia ( ), which is an excellent moderately-priced Italian restaurant with lots of vegetarian options, particularly among their pasta dishes. (Don't confuse it with Spiaggia, its sister restaurant next door, which is one of the best restaurants in the city but is very expensive.)

      Make a reservation as soon as you can, as places may be fully booked for this Saturday night.

      Happy anniversary!

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        thanks for the recs- i forgot to mention that we have been to Spring and Green zebra on previous anniversaries! I'll call north pond or custom house to see what the chefs can do for us.

      2. My veg friend raves about the vegetarian meals at Schwa. I ate with her there recently and indeed, from what I sampled from her plate, it was amazing. Could be tough to get in on the weekend. BUT it's BYOB with a super reasonable corkage fee. (The 9-course meal (at $110 per person) would exceed your budget. But they have another prix fixe option with less courses for $55.

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          There's no way you would be able to get a weekend reservation at Schwa only a few days in advance...