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Dec 2, 2008 01:55 PM

best place for an office holiday lunch in Brooklyn?

My office is moving to Brooklyn Heights in January, so we want to have a small lunch to celebrate the holidays in the borough. Most of us live here anyway, but we have one borough-phobic Manhattan-ite who is being a pain and requesting a place off the 2/3 trains. I am willing to accommodate her only so much. We will be 7, and this will be on a Friday. I want something nice- price is no object but I'd rather not do something too serious like River Cafe. But I am finding that most nice restaurants I know in Brooklyn are not open for lunch. I was thinking of Bocca Lupo, but I don't know if the menu is too limited. We need to have a work meeting before hand,s o in area where there are cafes it is a plus. I don't have a preference for type of food. Any suggestions?

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  1. Just throwing these out there even though it seems you may want something more upscale...I can't think of a perfect lunch spot for your criteria. Superfine is good and is open for lunch. Also possibly, further up on Smith... Bar Tabac is a fave for lunch. (FYI- Water Street Grill is near by but I strongly suggest you avoid it. I have been ill from their food twice and overall is just lackluster IMO).

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      Near the Clark St. stop - what about Five Front or maybe Jack the Horse Tavern?

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        I don't think Five Front is open for lunch, is it? I am afraid superfine is too laud. Bar tabac was second on my list... any ideas maybe in Prospect Heights?

    2. A few thoughts--Queen on Court Street (near the 2/3 Boro Hall Station), Tazza on Clark (2/3 Clark St), or several places on Atlantic (Jolie, Downtown Atlantic, Bedouin Tent)--all not too far from Hoyt St station. Or, Waterfalls or Yemen Cafe on Atlantic west of Court--definitely "of the borough".

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      1. re: Marion Morgenthal

        Jack the Horse does not do lunch, nor does Jolie. Don't know about Five Front, but wouldn't go there anyway.

        1. re: malibu

          I'm not disputing your info that Jolie doesn't serve lunch, but if so, that's new news. I've been there for lunch (but it was a while ago), and their web site says they serve lunch daily from noon to 4. So, it might be worth double checking if the OP is interested.

        2. re: Marion Morgenthal

          I'll strongly 2nd Queen. They do both classic red sauce and lighter Northern Italian dishes. The quality level is high and the ambiance is perfect for a business lunch. Your only problem might be that Queen is *too* popular. Best to call right away for a reservation and hope that they aren't already fully booked.

        3. If you were ignoring the train limitation, what would be your suggestions?

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            Does your destination definitely center around Brooklyn Heights/Cobble Hill? If not, I strongly recommend Aurora in Williamsburg.

            In Brooklyn Heights there is also Heights Cafe which could the bill, but can't comment on the place since I have never been.

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              without the train limitation, I would consider Frankie's 457 or Le Petit Cafe--both on Court Street in striking distance of the F line. Frankie's is good Italian food; Le Petit Cafe is fine "lunch fare" in a really charming setting.

              Or, in another direction, Ferdinando's on Union Street (old, old, old style Italian) or Le Petite Crevette on Hicks off Union (seafood--and you're likely to be the only ones there. Service is slow, but with a group event, you may be able to combine your work and your lunch).

              And, I've heard that Al Di La, which many folks (on this board and elsewhere) think is the best Italian in Brooklyn (5th Ave & Carroll Street) is now open for lunch. That would be a really good choice.

            2. About as close as possible to the 2/3 trains and serving lunch is the fairly good, I think, sushi restaurant Iron Chef House.

              1. Heights Cafe is a nice space and the food is solid but in my (albeit limited) experience, they can get really packed for lunch, even on a weekday. If you decide to go there, I would recommend a reservation, if they take them.

                I'm not big on's very old school Italian, and this is reflected in the food, which I think is pretty bland.