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Dec 2, 2008 01:52 PM

Mexican food around Lincoln Heights

My wife & I are going to the production of "Too Many Tamales" in Lincoln Heights area and would like to find a nice, fairly authentic Mexican restaurant. Any ideas.

If not in Lincoln Heights within 5 miles or so.

Thomas Hamlett

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    1. Carnitas Michoacan is one of the best taco / burrito places in LA, IMHO. In Lincoln Heights on Broadway right by the 5 exit. Get some al pastor. Not upscale, but killer food.

      1. It is basically a stand with covered patio picnic-table dining, but do yourself a favor and at least stop and grab something to carry out at Carnitas Michaocan, on the N/W corner of North Broadway at 19th, above Chinatown and below Lincoln Heights. Get something with the al pastor sliced from the rotisserie spit -- either a burrito or the special nachos covered with meat. Be sure to ask for as many little thimbles of the hot sauce as they'll give you, and you might buy a little 4 oz cup extra for a buck or two -- the salsa roja is brick-red brown, thin, smoky, spicy, complex, hot and the very best in SoCal.

        1. 3rds on carnitas michoacan. it is not really a sit down place but the al pastor is something from heaven. grab a few tacos or you haven't really been to lincoln heights heights.

          1. As recommended on this thread:


            Your best bets are Ofelia Martinez' restaurant or La Serenata in Boyle Heights. Alternatively you can scout Pasadena Ave., between Avenue 50 & York... there are some decent Pupuserias & Cinco de Mayo makes a very good Camorones Rancheros, as well as Chilaquiles.