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Dec 2, 2008 01:47 PM

Bobs in Kittery - Sadly Can't Recommend Anymore

We've been going to Bob's Clam Hut in Kittery for yrs, starting when it was just a tiny takeout place, before there was a retail outlet in sight. Have always loved their fried clams, lobster roll, and fried scallops. Our latest visit was a huge disappointment, the quality of the food has fallen and do not justify the prices. There were 5 of us for lunch, and the bill without drinks came to $100. The fried oysters were gritty, the clams only fair, and the meat in the lobster roll was tough. For $100, we had condiments from foil packets, had to wait ina long line both to order and to pick up the food, and had to clean and bus our own table. We used to enjoy the rustic atmosphere, great food, and casual dining. Now it just seems tired, crowded tourist trap with mediocre food. Sadly, that will be our last visit to Bob's (but we do like Robert's). I know I might get slammed here, but Bob's is just not what it used to be - IMHO).

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  1. is this based upon one recent visit or is it a downward trend over a decent period of time?

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      Good question. The worst visit was the most recent one. But we had also commented on the visit before that that we thought it had gone downhill, but thought we might have just hit an off day ( only 2 of us and we both had the same thing). This latest visit all 5 of us ordered different items, and each of us thought our meals were mediocre at best ( and all 5 of us had been long time patrons).

    2. We were there in July and has the best lobster roll of our Maine trip. Seemed up to the usual standards to us. We get there on our regular trips to Portland an haven't seen the downward trend you spotted.

      Aren't they closed for the season now? If so, I'll hold off my judgment for a Spring visit.

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        I'm pretty sure that they are open all year round.

      2. Bob's is open year-round and I agree that it has been going down-hill for some time now. The fried food, which used to be be crunchy and dry, is now soggy and greasy. It all tastes the same to me, be it chicken, clams or shrimp! The lobster rolls taste rather fishy, which means that the lobster must be frozen or old. And they got rid of the Ben and Jerry's ice cream!

        1. We've felt that Bob's is over priced and of mediocre quality for a long time now, but were hesitant to say so because of all the raves.. My BIL lives in Kittery and we used to meet there for lunch when driving through.. I feel the attraction might come from the outlet store crowd and the perceived allure of Ooooo, we're in MAINE! Living down eat, I think we might be spoiled w/ better quality and quantity for a lower price up here.
          Remember Chases Clam Shack on Badger Island in the 70's? The pretty girl at the window is now my wife.

          1. Thank you for coming out and saying it. I'm new to the area and my first visit to Bob's was with my wife this past summer. After what I've read about it here, I was expecting a lot more. It strikes me as an overpriced tourist trap. The lobster meat that was in my roll HAD to be frozen, and my fries were soggy, stale, and brutally disgusting - and there's not way that slaw is homemade. I think that most people that have a high opinion of the place may be recollecting on years past before Kittery turned into the commercialized MA annex that it is today. I'm happy that I'm not the only one who has noticed it because when I went there I thought I was on crazy pills after hearing all the buzz prior to this post.

            What gives with the line? There's a McD's down the street that will serve you prefrozen fried food for a fraction of the price.

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