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Dec 2, 2008 01:45 PM

TexMex NW, RR, CP

We are looking for something delicious in the north/northwest part of Austin tonight.

Jardin Corona has been a regular spot for many years but there is just one aspect of that place that has completely put me off, at least for the time being. We are not looking for upscale and overpriced but we do want a bar. We've tried lots of places but nothing else has clicked.

Does anyone have a particular favorite TexMex restaurant or dish in this area?

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  1. I always enjoy La Tapatia, in the same shopping center as Reale's... although they don't have a bar so that may not fit the bill. Have you tried the Texican?

    Also, I'm curious... what about Jardin Corona has put you off?

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      We did try La Tapatia when they opened and it was a confusing situation and the meal was so-so. We haven't been back but know some friends that like it. Frankly, I forgot about it and probably should revisit. I do attribute the confusion to being freshly open and getting the rhythm down.

      I like several items at the Texican but my husband doesn't like it at all. He can't seem to put his finger on why... he just says "no". I have been there for lunch with a couple of different friends and would give mixed reviews but I think that comes from trying different menu items. The Queso Flameado was very good but was kind of burnt and stuck to the cast iron skillet as soon as it cooled (which was quickly), the beef fajitas hit the mark, and the chicken enchilada was more than acceptable. Chips, salsa and queso were fine.

      As for what I don't find acceptable at Jardin Corona - I don't really want to mention all of it so as not to ruin it for others that enjoy the restaurant. I tolerated the issue for many years until... the last three times I visited I requested seating within a particular section which is covered by my two favorite "servers". The host simply said, "No, you will be seated there" and pointed to what I guess was their next available scheduled planned seating spot. After patronizing this place at least once a month (many months, once or twice a week including breakfast or dinner) for the past several years, it just isn't worth it.

      We did decide to go to the JC on Pond Springs. The food wasn't as good but the service was outstanding... price was right, so it was a decent compromise but not "the place".

      I forgot that there is a new place on Anderson Mill near Spicewood Elementary. Maybe we'll give that a try, perhaps for breakfast on the weekend.