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Dec 2, 2008 01:08 PM

Christmas to New Year's Trip to BA--Food Choices?

Hi all,
I have plowed through nearly every post about food and Buenos Aires on this board, as well as a few others, and have come up with the following itinerary for food and fun. My husband and I are in our early 30's and will be in BA from December 25th-January 3rd. These dates encompass Christmas day, which everyone says is dead, and New Years Eve and Day, which everyone also says is filled with closed restaurants and empty streets (this has caused us to be a little nervous about our time there). I would love to hear comments on the choices we've made so far and the list of maybe's at the end of the post....This board has been so full of great advice already...Thanks is advance to everyone!
Dec 25th: Arrive. Complejo Tango dinner show Christmas night (reserved)
Dec 26th: Dinner at Thymus
Dec 27th: Shopping, drinks in Palermo, La Cabrera or Don Julio, out to Milion
Dec 28th: San Telmo Antique Market and lunch at La Vineria de Gaulterio Bolivar
Dec 29th: Los Dos Hermanos estancia—all day
Dec 30th: Dinner with Friends at 647 dinner club
Dec 31st: New Years Eve at the Four Seasons—La Maison?
Jan 1: ??
Jan 2: Recoletta Cemetery, La Biela
Jan 3: Hang around Palermo. Flight at 11:45pm

Others on the List:
Café San Juan

Thanks again!

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  1. We are also going to BA and Salta for the same time period,having been to BA several times. I hear there is a new sister restaurant to Sottovoce, an Italian restaurant in the Recoleta that is very popular. It is called Fervor, also in the Recoleta. A friend of mine who has dined there and loved it. Grilled meat and fish which is hard to find . You may want to consider 647 for New Years Eve- they are doing a prix-fixe evening with a multi course meal, wines and club access. That's where we are going..You've made a good choice in Thymus-been there and yum!

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      How did you find out about 647 for New Years? I e-mailed them but they never e-mailed you mind me asking how much it costs per person and how you reserve? We really want something planned for NYE before we go and that might be really fun! We will put Fervor on our list and thanks for the thumbs up for Thymus. We can't wait to go!

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        we made our reservations thru American Express Platinum Concierge service. Emailing restaurants in BA has proved difficult for us too. The price they quoted us was $180 all in (alcohol too). Seems expensive but the website looks fabulous and there have been so many ecstatic posts about it. They are giving us a lower price menu for our teenage,nondrinking children. If you are going to do a daytime tour of Palermo Viejo,which I recommend (great shopping !!!) go to lunch at Cluny a lovely spot to stop for a while. BA is wonderful..

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          I just got a confirming email from "Luciana" for New Years Eve. You might want to address your correspondance to her. The four couse menu with wines,champagne and club is $200. good luck !

          1. re: pammi

            I also just got my confimation from Luciana. I thought the price was way better than the Four Seasons which would have cost $800 total! I wonder if the $200 includes drinks after dinner for NYE. Also, the confirmation did not include what time we should arrive. Thanks for the tip. I hope it will be fun!

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        1. Hi Robin! My husband and I will be on a slightly delayed honeymoon in B.A. at the same time - we will be at Los Dos Hermanos the day before you guys unfortunately, I thought it was the same day when I read your post but I had gotten confused. I hope your trip is wonderful, I know I can't wait

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            Oh, that would have been nice if we would have known someone at Los Dos Hermanos. This is our first time to BA so I think everything will be new and exciting! I hope you have a lovely trip, too!

            1. re: charliebear2

              Since we're going to all be at 647 for New Years Eve- try to find us at the restaurant. Look for 11 happy Americans(including several teenagers)..

              1. re: pammi

                Good choice, Pammi and Charliebear! I am the owner of a US-based medical tourism business with an office in Buenos Aires and I am hosting a dinner for associates at 647 Dinner Club. I checked out many other options like the Four Seasons and Park Hyatt, but they were just too expensive as I am hosting a group of 8 people. I love 647 and am so glad that it is here in Buenos Aires, as it nice to have such a cosmopolitan modern Argentine establishment for those seeking something other than the usual tourist traps and parillas in the city (there is a time and place for them, not not always). Anyway, I digress.....I found the New Years Eve bash to be the best option and affordable to boot considering Conde Nast has picked the place at one of the 100 best restaurants in the world! I also like Resto, Piegari, and Grappa on your lists...all great selections. Between La Cabrera and Don Julio, hands down....Don Julio as it is more authentic to me, interesting trip as it is in Barrio Chino and more reasonable. Enjoy and hope to see you at 647 on NYE!

                1. re: RefreshMed

                  Hi Charlie Bear,
                  I have just arrived back from BA this week and here is where i went and what i thought:

                  Monday - Bar Uriate- great food and atmosphere
                  tuesday- La Cabrera - wow, great meat, make sure you only order one dish between two as it is serious portions
                  wednesday- Dominga, full of very beautiful people but sadly the sushi wasn't up to much
                  thursday- Osaka - by far the buzziest, trendiest and tastiest restaurant we went to, with lovely helpful staff
                  friday - 647- what a dissapointment, we turned up at 10pm for dinner to an empty restaurant, and by midnight when we left there was still noone there! the food was fussy and flavours clashed. The decor is stunning though.
                  a MUST is the Tango classes at Catedral - this place is out of this world and the two teaches are great, we were the only eglish people there (which i quite liked). I had never danced Tango before so was quite nervous but by the end I didn't want to leave!

                  Apparently 878 is a great place for cocktails, i never made it though we did go to Casa Cruz, which is worth checking out.

                  We also went to the Antiques market as I am clothes mad, it is brilliant for one off items and there is a great buzz.

                  I fell in love with the place, hope you do too!

          2. I must have eaten more food in Buenos Aires than in any other holiday of my life!!! I also had a strange experience this weekend at two restaurants which i think due to a long weekend in BA (It appears everybody leaves the city) left us eating in very quiet Restaurants, one was Casa Cruz which i am told is normally very busy and the other was Sotto Voce in Puerto Madero which was actaully empty besides us!

            Any way we REALLY enjoed the following.

            Oviedo - great spanish food
            647 Dinner Club - complex but good gourmet food
            Pobre Luis - incredible meat!!
            Osaka - very tasty(almost went twice)

            Sort of enjoyed
            Casa Cruz not quite sure but overall interesting
            Sushi Club - good sushi
            Pigiari - traditional tourist spot but enjoyable
            Sotto Voce - lots of good pasta

            And did not enoy!!!
            Nakatsu Sushi....just bad
            Feodores.....really bad

            Hope this helps.

            1. Hey Charly Bear, theres been some good places recomended and really none bad but there are certainly the tourist hot spots appearing. Remember that places like Bar Uriarte and especially La Cabrera are almost 100% tourist dominated. I would recomend for really great food the following. Cafe San Juan is excelent, the porcions are huge and very very tasty. Resto is perfect for a slower paced lunch, they really understand food and i how to present it. 647 Dinner Club, really spectacular looking place with great food and super tasty cocktails. And lastly for Japanese, the Nikkei association in San Telmo, simple surroundings but excelent sushi.