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Dec 2, 2008 01:08 PM

NYers in Boston looking for Sat lunch recommendation

We're only going to have this one meal to pick for ourselves, so we want to see the best Boston has to offer...for lunch...looking forward to it!

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  1. Neptune Oyster in the North End

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    1. re: rlh

      Yes, Neptune would be the one for me too! Raw oysters and lobster rolls... what else could you need?

    2. Kingfish Hall at Quincy Marketplace. Tourist area but the food is excellent.
      For a real and fancy Boston experience go to Locke-Ober. Very old Boston restaurant taken over a few years ago by Lydia Shire. Used to be a favorite of JFK's. Lobster stew, lobster savannah, elegant old Boston atmosphere. Do search on this board for discussion.

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      1. re: emilief

        I like Locke Ober for lunch...unfortunately, they only do lunch during the week. Oya is also not open for lunch.

        I like Neptune or the SDLT idea. There's a SDLT on the addition to the Mandarin, if you happen to be in that part of town.

      2. I would agree with Neptune, but you can easily match the quality and substance of the experience in NYC. I'd go with Sel de la Terre in the Mandarin Hotel on Boylston. They're mighty consistent - at least in the Boston spots - and do a great lunch.

        I would respectfully disagree with Kingfish Hall for a coupla NY hounds.

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        1. re: almansa

          definitely stay away from Kingfish Hall.

          Question - what part of the City will you be in? Neptune Oyster is a very good choice. Eastern Standard in Kenmore Square is also good eats/drinks.

          1. re: ecwashere7

            O Ya isn't open for lunch as far as I know. Their website gives dinner hours only.

          2. No. 9 Park is very good and very Boston, right in Beacon Hill across from the State House. They don't usually serve lunch but are doing so this month.

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            1. re: pollystyrene

              I agree with No. 9 Park since they are doing lunch this month.

              1. re: hsquare2southend

                I would agree also but they are only serving lunch on weekdays.