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Dec 2, 2008 01:00 PM

Did Ghazal Open Today?

I heard it might have. Anyone been by there today?

FYI, it's a new Indian restaurant on Centre Street in JP...

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    1. re: Bob Dobalina

      Ah, you know, I think I read that a few days ago and was happy to see that it was open. :-b

      A mind is a terrible thing to waste....

      1. re: hiddenboston

        Checked it out last night. I'd say it's a notch above neighboring Bukhara in food, and miles above in service. The owner and staff were very solicitous - but perhaps this was because it was virtually empty while we were there.

        There are a few South Indian items on the large menu, but the offerings are mainly northern. We decided to order what we usually have at Bukhara to make a comparison. The vegetable pakoras were very good - about six to an order . Nice and crisp on the outside and tender inside. My DC had a tandoori seafood masala which he liked, with good shrimp and scallops, although the lobster was a little chewy. My Aloo Saag was oddly salty - the one off note of the meal. Naan was delicious. They offered us more rice during the meal.

        The wines by the glass are limited. We both chose a Shiraz at $5.95 and received huge glassfuls. My DC always gets a second glass at dinner, but no need this time. The bill came to $48.

        The old Cafe D space hasn't been transformed much. I like the intimacy of the space. I'll definitely go back to try one of the Southern dishes or Punjabi sandwiches which contain 'minus' (mayonnaise??) which I was told was a typo. I'm hoping this turns out to be a decent alternative to the very mediocre Bukhara.

        1. re: jpcat

          Thanks for the report. A bunch of my friends live in JP and we've discussed the news of a second Indian restaurant moving in three doors down from Bukhara. Sort of hard to get that excited about since Bukhara's food is quite good. Everyone agrees the service at Bukhara is comical when it's not infuriating, but the rumor was the new place would be Southern Indian. Interesting that the menu is mostly Northern. I agree about the Cafe D space, I like it too -- if the food is even on par, and the service is good, this will be THE place we eat Indian in-house in JP.