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Dec 2, 2008 12:17 PM

Los Adobes - Park Road in West Hartford

On the corner of Park Road and Oakwood Avenue - I believe it used to be the Park Road Deli, then maybe something before that?

Anyways, I hear its a mexican restaurant now, and it's apparently open!

I'm itching to try the eats, so I may go sometime this week and report back. I'm excited! There have been no real Mexican restaurants in the Park Road area since BK's / Cajones shut down.

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  1. We went there today for lunch. Good stuff! The hubby wrote a review for my blog...

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    1. re: AmyBergquist

      Nice pic of your husband on the blog...donning the sombrero. Nice to know I'm not the only chowhound near Park Road...

      If you've never tried Monte Alban on Farmington Ave...check it out. I love that place. I will totally check out Los Adobes soon and I'm happy to have found your post.

      1. re: masha bousha

        I drove by the place a few times and wondered about it. Did you try them yet? Where are you supposed to park there? Hidden lot around back I missed, or street parking only?

        1. re: ratbuddy

          they got a nice little write-up in the Courant today.
          haven't been there yet, but i sometimes go to Young's next door. there is a TINY parking lot in back, but street parking may just be easier.

        2. re: masha bousha

          Monte Alban is my favorite Mexican place in CT. I don't know of any other place that makes sweet corn cakes (though I love my own homemade ones even more). I get so stuck on their enchilada y burrito combo, I have a hard time ordering anything else.

          Here's a link to today's article in The Courant re Los Adobes:

          Another good one in Hartford is Coyote Flaco:

      2. Holler. I went to Los Adobes last night. I thought it was great and I love that it's right in my nabe.
        I was a little surprised at how long it took for our take out order to be ready but I think it's because it's the kind of place where, for the most part, the guy who takes your order, also makes your order. Anyway, next time I will phone my order in ahead or just eat there, as there were tables available.
        I had two beef tacos which were very simple and simply delicious. They're not over dressed and come with just onions and cilantro. I was reminded of your typical San Diego little Mom and Pop taco joint. Yum! I also tried a Chicken Torta (which is kind of a hybrid of a Grinder and a Panini). I found it underwhelming but ok. If I feel moved to order it again I think I'll get beef instead. Unfortunately I'm not that adverturous of an eater to venture beyond chicken, pork or beef at this place (or any place) but they do offer quite a few meats to choose from. My dining companions ordered chicken burritos and enchiladas. One companion stated that it wasn't as good as the chicken burrito at Monte Alban (which we do love) and the other thought it was as good. Unfortunately none of us ate the enchiladas as they were headed home as takeout to a hungry husband abandoned at home with children.

        I was super happy to discover that Los Adobes has the elusive Mexican Coca-Cola available. I've always wanted to try one. It was good. Kind of like the coke of my childhood in that not too sweet, but tastes like real sugar (made w/ sugar cane by the way) and not as carbonated as American coke.

        So all in all I think it's a great and affordable place. It's not really the run in, order something, run out kind of place though. I'm big on calling ahead and picking up food but since this was our maiden voyage there we HAD to look at the actual menu to be sure of what we wanted.


        1. Just got back from lunch here. Tacos are incredible, and super affordable at $2. I had the lengua and al pastor. My greatest taco experience ever was on Roosevelt Ave. in Queens and these came very close that. Truly great stuff.

          I'm probably heading back sometime this week or the next to try out more of the menu. Hartford needs more places like this - it's cheap, with friendly service, and convenient.

          Not a big fan of Monte Alban at all, everything seemed overpriced for the quality. Maybe I ordered the wrong thing but outside of Frog Hollow Los Adobes is now my go-to spot.

          1. We had a SaveNowCt that was set to expire in the next several days so we decided to have lunch at this small Mexican restaurant. I was surprised that there wasn't a separate lunch menu which may explain why there was only one other customer on this Friday afternoon. We did not receive chips and salsa though green and spicy red salsa were brought to the table with our meals. My wife chose a beef burrito which was very large, but bland and mostly comprised of shredded iceberg lettuce and rice. The little beef used was very bland. I chose 3 street tacos (chorizo, carnitas and al pastor. Only a single tortilla is used rather than the traditional 2. The tacos were tasty, but the chorizo was the best by far. Overall our meal was just okay so I am not in a rush to return.