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Dec 2, 2008 11:46 AM

Gift Cards - Richmond, Va

I would like to buy gift cards for restaurants in Richmond for family members as Christmas gifts, but have not lived there in years. I will probably spend around $50 per card, but overall cost of dinner can be around $100 for 2 people. Any type of cuisine is fine and all locations are okay. Successful gifts from the past have included Millie's, Comfort, Mamma Zu, Edo Sushi and Patina Grill. These can be repeated if necessary.


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  1. karsen's, black sheep, sensi(may be a bit pricey but really good), can can, dd33 bistro, lulu's, verbena, and all you mentioned!

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    1. re: AMFM

      I would not do karsen's or sensi because rumors are swirling that both could close at any given moment. And karsen's has recently gotten some REALLY bad reviews in local blogs. Agree with CanCan, Lulu's and would add Comfort and Azzurro to the list. dd33, Black Sheep and Verbena I would have some concerns about how long they are going to be around in this economy.

      1. re: Janet from Richmond

        definitely fair concerns! i have a feeling chains may be all that are left in a year!

    2. Although they are chains, Flemings or Texas de Brazil would be nice for gift cards. Also maybe Nile if they're adventurous and would try Ethiopian. Julep's is one of my favorites that falls in line with your above spots.