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Dec 2, 2008 11:41 AM

a place to eat in SD with 3 kids after the ZOO...

hi! me and my S.O. are taking my nephews (5, 12, and 13) to the San Diego Zoo on a Saturday before Christmas and want to go to dinner somewhere casual and yummy for dinner before driving back to LA.

we really like mexican, italian, and, of course, the kids like burgers/pasta. can anybody suggest a restaurant in San Diego that is not a chain, not kid-specific, and super yummy. when in town we really enjoy Spread and an Indian place on University but both of those places seem a little to 'foreign' for my nephews.

i hope i am not being too vague. any recommendations would be totally appreciated!


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  1. For Mexican, try El Comal on Illinois St just north of University in North Park. Great food, not a burritos joint but a real restaurant. I have some issues with the quality of the Italian food in this town but I married into an Italian family and inherited their snobbery. However I was heartbroken when Positano closed, they were in the heart of Hillcrest. They moved to Cardiff so it would be on your way home if you go up the 5. Maybe a little spendy for dinner with kids. Arrividerci in Hillcrest is pretty not-bad. Lucky Buck's in Hillcrest is a great place for a burger.

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      I love El Comal but with kids in tow Mama Testas might be a better pick -- they can even play with the little lucha libre action figures on each table. Tacos only. Some interesting styles and flavors, excellent salsa bar. A stone's throw from the zoo.

      1. re: Ewilensky

        I'd 2nd Mama Testa's. Casual, colorful decor which the kids might like.

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          I think I'll give Mama's a try...i'm interested in trying the "tacomal"... ; )

          1. re: cholulo1

            The tacomal can be a little heavy. Do try the mashed potato tacos in a crispy shell.

            1. re: DiningDiva

              I DREAM about those mashed potato tacos....
              and the beef taquitos in spicy beef broth....

              1. re: daantaat

                I love potato tacos, any poor people food, really! but the beef taquitos in a spicy beef broth sounds AMAZING! As for the tacomal being heavy, I am sure my 240 lb S.O. won't be able to resist that dish!!! jejejeje....

    2. Parkhouse Eatery (on Park)
      Gulf Coast Grill (also on Park)

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        thanks for all of your suggestions!!! you guys are the best!!!

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