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Dec 2, 2008 11:36 AM

Quince vs. Coquine at Yonge/Eg

Hey CH'ers.. need some advice. I've never been to either restaurant, but of the two, which would you recommend for a nice dinner with a girlfriend? Any suggestions on specific dishes?

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  1. I am interested in Coquine too, how does it compare to other bistro like Le Select ? Thanks.

    1. I really like both places, but they have very different atmospheres. Quince has more of a "downtown sophisticated" vibe with subdued colors and a fair bit of space between tables. Coquine has a "bustling bistro" vibe with a black and white color scheme, tin ceiling (I think) and more closely spaced tables. What I love about Coquine is the bar area with the high communal bar table and a very talented bartender.

      It's been a while since I've been to Quince, so I can't even recall what I had -- I believe it was a halibut fillet, done very nicely. At Coquine, I wouldn't particular recommend the crab cakes -- they aren't bad, but they're not great. The parmesan frites are delish and are served with their steak frites, which is a good basic bistro rendition. They have a respectable lemon tart. The french onion soup is also very good. I cannot for the life of me recall what else I've had there.

      Personally, I would lean towards Coquine for a fun dinner date and Quince for more of a romantic vibe. Make a reservation at Coquine and show up a half hour early to have a cocktail at the bar.

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        thanks TorontoJo.. this was great! Since Coquine doesn't take resos for less than six people, we'll probably just stroll around and see how busy the restaurants are. I think we're leaning towards Coquine at this point. French onion soup sounds perfect on a cold night like tonight!

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          If you're going to be wandering, keep in mind Zucca as well. Of the same level of quality and innovation as the two you've mentioned, and also close by.

          In response to an earlier post, I would say Le Select has a much more broad menu, but the flavours in Coquine are quite good. I think I preferred Coquine's cassoulet. Much crispier skin on the confit.

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            I think Zucca is superior to Quince. Haven't been to Coquine though.

      2. Haven't been to Quince and I've only done Coquine for brunch but really liked the vibe. I'm actually heading over to Coquine for a friend's birthday dinner tonight!


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          were you one of many at the table of 14?

          1. re: tuile

            YES! I totally was. I apologize for my friend in the tiara!

            I had the 6 oz steak and tried the french onion soup. both were delicious and satisfying.

            how was your meal?

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              haha, it looked like you guys were having a great time :) Definitely a fun vibe for a birthday celebration.

              Shared the Coquine salad (with prosciutto, figs, Gorgonzola & candied walnuts on arugula) and had the steak frites as my main. Pretty tasty! We both enjoyed the food and the service. Would definitely return.

              The soup looked AMAZING... we saw so many of them come out of the kitchen. Oh man, the smell of the melted gruyere just wafted through the space. I think I'm going to have to make a batch of French onion soup at home later this week to satiate my craving for it.

        2. I love both these spots!

          If you want romance and ambiance first, go Quince. The fish I had there didn't work for me, but the service was great and my partner's steak frites was good, he said. I think I had a good salad but skipped dessert in favour of gelato. Ah summer.

          If you want to feel like you're part of the action, do Coquine. I had a really really great fish there and we loved being able to order seperate sides - love the ratatouille! The service was also excellent and I recall there being affordable choices (ish) on the wine list. Definitely a buzz-worthy spot. Not sure how to compare it to other bistros, but the clientele is mixed (families, couples, young and old) and all are served - I saw someone in a Northern Reflections sweatshirt there.

          Only in North Toronto :)

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          1. I like both. Quince is quieter while Coquine can get very loud. I guess it just depends on what kind of atmosphere you're looking for. I like Quince's Steak & Frites and Coquine's Foie Gras Mousse and Provimi Veal Liver.