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Dec 2, 2008 11:17 AM


I was watching Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on the Food Network and they were doing a "best of" kind of show. One part was when they visited a place in New Orleans called Parasols. The place didn't look too big and the folks eating there looked more like locals than tourists. Both the owners and the diners said this was the best place in NO for po-boys. I haven't heard it mentioned on this board so was just wondering what y'all think of it.

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  1. It's an old favorite. Hungry Celeste has probably eaten there more recently than I have---I just have not gotten over there---so you'll get more up-to-date info from others. It has not been "the same" to me since they changed the coolers behind the bar and the family sold it. Used to have THE roast beef po boy.

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      That was what the owner was saying, that their roast beef po boy was THE BEST, and durn if it didn't look it!

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        I plan on hitting the Parasol this weekend. I've been to the Parkway, sat down at the bar with Frank Davis of WWL. He was bragging it was a ten napkin Po boy. I got mine, opened it up and couldn't find the gravy. It was alright, but not that sloppy. If you are ever in Thibodaux, LA, and like a good, sloppy Po Boy, go to the Frostop on Canal Blvd. Excellent! I will find the best Po boy around! so far no one has matched Abel's Bar and Cafe in Lockport, LA. Abel's is now closed, but THAT was a Po boy!!!!!

        Frostop Restaurant
        3001 Ormond Blvd Ste H, Destrehan, LA 70047

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          Parasol's is no longer (at least temporarily); there was a big unpleasant property/lease dispute. The couple who had been running it have moved and reopened with the same menu/bartenders/kitchen into a big place on Magazine called "Tracy's." (Only a few blocks away) The regulars have followed them it seems. You can get your poboy there. (I don't eat em so cannot comment on the quality!)

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            Thanks swampsue! I was reading about that and was wondering which one to go to.

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              Ok. Went to Tracy's and had a Roast Beef Po Boy. If you plan on having a clean table, you'll have to clean it yourself. They pick up the previous customers stuff, but don't wipe the tables. Now to the Roast Beef Po Boy. Bread was just right. Roast beef was ok, a little more gravy than Parkway and alot more meat, but the flavor just wasn't there. A far as french fries, they were cold and soggy. Not recommended. Definitely not enough gravy on the roast beef.

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                Oops, I need to correct myself. Technically Parasol's has reopened, under new ownership. ( the building retained proprietory rights to the name), I hadn't realized that the original location had re-opened until last night when I was parking over that-aways.

                I leave it to others who has the best roast beef, but anyway sounds like you are up to speed on the whole messy thing. it was all pretty unfortunate to me. (I won't say more, as firstly I'm a vegetarian and I am also friendly with some of the players in this, so can't claim objectivity) Therefore I'll just hope that wherever you ultimately decide to go,you have a fabulous meal!

                1. re: swampsue

                  geez, i need to slow done, since you've just been! Sorry about that. And nope, cold fries just aren't a good thing!!

        2. Oops... forgot to say that we had great po-boys @ Mahoney's on Magazine St. on our most recent visit (Oct. 2008) If they have the suckling pig, you've got to try it. Bon Temps, Adam

          1. Parasol's does have a good r.b., but I have to give the edge to Parkway as far as taste is concerned. Parasol's is more convenient to where I live, however. Parasol's is at 2533 Constance in the Irish Channel.

            1. Parasol's has a fantastic Roast Beef Po'boy, for certain. Garlicky gravy which you can also get on fries. And, yes it is mostly locals.

              Other places do other Po'boys better than P.'s - like Guy's for catfish and Domilise's for just about anything else. But if you want Roast Beef, I unabashedly recommend P.'s.

              I missed this episode - but did catch one about the River Shack Tavern, about 15 minutes up the River Road from P's. They do some terrific cookin'.

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