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Dec 2, 2008 11:03 AM

Gua-Rapo this Sat.

A group of friends are meeting up at this bar in Arlington. Never have been there myself, can anyon suggest what's good there?

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  1. The two joints next door selling beef! (Ray's and Ray's Hell).

    Actually this place is decent. I've been but not in quite a while. Still had to lay that one out there.

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    1. re: Dennis S

      You're thinking of Guajillo, which is next door to Ray's.

    2. Anything with seafood or a mole is good, but you should be aware that the bar is tiny, about 7 seats max. Not really a "hangin out" sort of bar. If you get there early, and there aren't more than a handful of you, I guess it would be cool. The staff is really low-key and fun to hang out and chat with.

      1. I think most people are confused with Guajillo, Gua-Rapo is nice, it can be a bit smokey, but they have good drinks, and good food. They have nice happy hour specials before 7. I like the plantain chips with guacamole and the arepas. I forget what my friends had there, but everyone I have been there with has liked it for happy hour. I normally get a fruity drink, but have had wine. The potato cake looked really good.

        1. I have never had a good food experience at Gua-rapo, although the drinks and ambience are good. Maybe they have improved, but it was never anything great foodwise.