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Dec 2, 2008 10:51 AM

Need Something New for Shrimp

I have some nice shrimp at home but I'm sick of all of the usual main course suspects when it comes to shrimp; scampi, anything pasta and shrimp really, gumbo, shrimp creole, etc. Any new ideas would be appreciated!

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  1. Last night I made some shrimp in my version of piri-piri sauce. Took some red hot chili peppers, olive oil, garlic, shallots, salt and sherry vinegar and blended it. Sauteed some shrimp in it. A couple of minutes later, a really easy and delicious meal. Too bad I didn't have any parsley or cilantro for garnish. We ate it with rice.

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        Just made shrimp tacos on corn tortillas w/ diced onion, celantro and guacamole (no mayo or sour cream). Yum.

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            Peeled raw shrimp, dredged in red chile powder and fried in olive oil w/ diced garlic or w/ diced roasted, peeled and diced green chiles.

      2. Try The Kilted Cook's signature Basil-Mango Shrimp, either as an individual cocktail or a platter of shrimp with dipping sauce:

        1+ lbs of 16-20 or larger shrimp, peeled and deveined
        1-2 tablespoons Cajun/Creole Spice blend, to taste
        1 tablespoon Olive Oil
        1 ripe Mango
        10-12 leaves fresh Basil

        Toss the shrimp and spice together in a ziptop bag. Saute shrimp in the oil until they color nicely. Remove from the heat and cool.

        Peel and pit the mango and put the meat in a blender. Add the basil and whirrrrr to puree into a thick sauce.

        Dip Shrimp A into Sauce B and consume.

        1. Here's one from one of my favorite cookbook authors, Jeanne Voltz.


          2 lbs. jumbo shrimp
          1/2 t salt
          1/4 c lemon juice
          3 dashes hot pepper sauce
          1 clove of garlic, crushed
          1/2 c oil
          1/2 lb. thick sliced bacon
          lemon wedges

          Shell and clean the uncooked shrimp. In a bowl, mix salt. lemon juice, catsup, pepper sauce, garlic, and oil. Marinate shrimp in mixture 30 min. at room temp. Cut each bacon slice crosswise into 4 or 5 pieces. Remove shrimp from marinade, reserving the sauce. Thread shrimp and bacon slices alternately on skewers, leaving space between to allow heat to penetrate.

          Grill over hot coals just until shrimp is opaque and bacon is crisp, about 8 - 10 minutes. Turn several times while grilling to cook evenly and brush each time with reserved sauce. Bacon drippings may flare up, so keep a water spritzer handy. Serve at once with lemon wedges.

          I tend to try different things when making the sauce, i.e., BBQ sauce instead of catsup, different spices, etc. Lastly, don't skimp on the bacon. Use the best you can find.

          1. My FIL made a glorious shrimp appetizer this Thanksgiving:
            Put together a marinade of orange zest, orange juice, dark sesame oil; add a few cinnamon sticks. Marinate shrimp for at least an hour, then cook for a few minutes on low heat. Serve over tomato slices, garnished with parsley.