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Dec 2, 2008 10:28 AM

Jack Stack BBQ at Country Club Plaza

My wife and I went to Kansas City for Christmas a few years ago and had such a good time that we're going back this year. One of the places we thoroughly enjoyed was Fiorella's Jack Stack Barbecue in Martin City. Now I see they have a new restaurant, in Country Club Plaza. Accepting that everyone there will be tourists, is the food as good at the Country Club Plaza, where we'll be staying, or should we invest in the 30 minute drive to Martin City to get the original atmosphere and better food? With gasoline at less than half the price of 6 months ago, we're willing to drive to get better food and real barbecue ambience.

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  1. The food is still good but there is zero ambience at the plaza and the freight house locations. I'd drive to Martin City to have the real slanted floor, low ceiling, porcine sculptural experience.

    1. I ate at JS in CC Plaza this spring. It was good. We went to LC's though and it blew Jack Stacks away I thought...


      1. I agree with kb8240 that the food is equally good at any of the Jack Stack locations. I think the ambience at the original location is the best, but I disagree that the freight-house district restaurant (which is closer to the Plaza and less likely to be as crowded) is lacking in any way.

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          For what it's worth--I've been to JS at the Freight House twice. The first time I was served inedible lamb ribs. They were undercooked and impossibly chewy. I sent them back. I tried again because of persistent positive reports on this board. The food was okay but certainly nothing I couldn't find of better quality elsewhere in KC. I'm not going back a third time.

        2. Thanks, all. Sounds like the consensus favors a relaxing drive to the suburbs.

          1. You can also go to the one at 95th & Metcalf (Suburbs, yes) - which is about as attractive as the CC plaza one...but convenient.

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              LC's rocks. They still fry their fries in lard!
              Jack Stack is quite a bit more upscale, but still cas. Amazing lamb ribs.

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                I am a big Jack Stack fan. I eat there 3x per month. But, the lamb ribs are very hit or miss. I always suggest that people get the rib platter to sample the lamb ribs. Getting a whole plate can be a big risk.