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Dec 2, 2008 10:03 AM

Chicken makhani in Burlington area Vermont

I haven't seen Chicken makhani (butter chicken) on the menu at any area Indian restaurants (within 20 miles of Burlington.

Gettin a jones for some butter chicken. Do I have to fix it myself?

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  1. I actually buy a ready made package from Costco that has butter chicken and tikka masala. You add the chicken, but it's surprisingly good for what it is. ;)

    In short, I haven't seen it anywhere, but I haven't made a great effort, either. Maybe you could ask about it at the indian places you've been? They might be willing to make it, or might even make it for other Indians and not put it on the menu otherwise.

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      sorry if this is off topic-- whwere do you find it at costco? frozen?

      1. re: madisoneats

        It's not in frozen. It doesn't have the chicken in it, it's just the sauce and rice. Comes in a box and you'll find it usually around the various meal mix thingies. Sometimes it's on an end cap, sometimes where the other dinner packages are, like where the mac and cheese boxes are.

      2. re: Morganna

        Thanks for the suggestion. I'll give them a try!

      3. A suggestion for making your own Butter Chicken has been moved over to our Home Cooking board where recipes and home cooking are discussed. We want lots of home cooks to see a recipe that's getting rave reviews, so they can try it, too! That post is now here: