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Dec 2, 2008 09:47 AM

Pittsburgh Eats

Ok burghers....where have you been lately? Please include good and bad and also cheap and expensive.

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  1. Last visit to the 'Burgh found me at Lou Tambellini's . Great food, especially the Seafood. The place is a throwback to the '60's and walk in and you expect to see Dean Martin sitting at the bar with a Martini and a smoke! A well loved local hot spot for good food, sometimes you can wait a long time for a table so I recommend reservations. Located at 860 Saw Mill Run Blvd.
    Pricing is moderate to expensive, depending on your definition. Eat & Enjoy!

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      Tambellini's on 51 is Amici's now.

      Expensive for me was my anniversary at Ruth Chris. It was fabulous. Service is outstanding.

      Cheap - Tessaro's in Bloomfield.. best wood-grilled burgers.. unbelievable.

      Namaste Indian on Banksville Road. Buffet is $7.99 for lunch i think.

      Thai Cuisine in Bloomfield.. non-descript location - outstanding Thai!

      1. re: burghgal

        Thai Cuisine is great, but a heads up to those driving that block of Liberty Ave, Thai Gourmet is not as good.

        1. re: Mr Siegal

          Thanks for bringing that up again. Every once in a while we end up driving through there, and I can never remember which one of those places is supposed to be good! So, maybe one day we'll stop. :-)

    2. Recently:

      Boulevard Bistro in Oakmont - really pleased by this place. Walked in and it kind of looked like a Panera - not sure what to expect. The table had a pizza as an app. Fresh tasting. Crispy but with a chew. Mediterranean pasta was full of pine nuts and feta. I wish there were more bistro like places in the burgh. Casual but not burgers and fries.

      Dish in Southside for dinner. Had oxtail ragu. Rich, hearty. This place is very tiny and the tables are close together. I think this place would impress a date.

      La Tavola in Mt Washington for dinner. Dissappointed. Entrees were very scarce on the seafood/meat (and I am not one to complain about something like that!). Things tasted good but I expected better.

      1. StonePepper's Grill. Meh in every category from food to service to drink.

        17th Street Cafe. Very good for the midrange price.

        Tusca. An odd tapas place not sure of what it wants to be, but some dishes were hits.

        Harry's Pizza continues to rock our world.

        Franco's Trattoria seems to be getting better with age.

        Big Dog Coffee (Sarah & 27th) is pouring good coffee - the only place in SouSide worth getting an espresso or capp.

        We also learned that lunch at Mad Mex is a much better value than dinner.

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          We just had that same experience at Mad Mex, was Black Friday actually. We decided to be silly and go to the mall (Ross Park). Didn't buy a thing, just marveled at the crowds, heh. Stopped at Mad Mex for lunch. Yes, you can get the same portion as dinner, plus a salad or soup, for a price less than the dinner price. Although this is pretty common at such places, methinks. The salad was good with the lime-cilantro vinaigrette. I'm a sucker for the carnitas burrito.

          Also, for the somewhat barren North Hills we have enjoyed Bella Frutteto, just off the I-79 Wexford exit at Rt 910. Not everyday cheap, but not horribly expensive, well-priced for what you get. I certainly wouldn't say worth a trip out from the more central areas which already have more choices. It's just that out here there are comparatively few good choices.

          1. re: CrazyOne

            Mad Mex has GREAT lunch, GREAT Happy Hour, and the Best late night options for food in Pittsburgh. ($7 22oz Margaritas from 9-11 and 1/2 price food from 11pm to 1am.) you simply can't beat it!

            1. re: YoHoSCV

              Agree on the food, but would be just as happy to pay $7 for a traditional (not frozen) 6oz margarita that was properly made with something other than well tequila and prepackaged mix.

              1. re: Panini Guy

                I understand sir, sometimes I like quality over quantity too. It does serve a functional nature and gets the job done! :)

                ps. watch out for the delayed reaction by the time you start into your 2nd the first one hits you!

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                  Mad Mex is one of a handful of places that has a nice draft selection, and M-F, 5-7, all drafts are half off, half off wings too.. They have each locations draft menus on line. Their wings are great.

                  1. re: Rick

                    I agree Rick, I forgot about the1/2 off wing special during normal happy hours.

                    I have found the draft selection to be better in the suburbs rather than Oakland and that was never the case. A Beer thoughtful manager left them for State College. Hasn't been the same.

                    Don't get me started on WINGS. :) I think I'll save that for a seperate thread Monday.

          2. Smiling Banana Leaf, great Thai food in pleasant atmosphere on Bryant in Highland Park

            1. I have been to:

              -Mad Mex for late night food (see my thoughts further up on this thread) here is my theory. Go for the 9pm Drink Specials (9 to 11) and get a "good" feeling, then follow it up with 1/2 price food at 11. :)

              -Village Inn (551 Wildwood Ave, Verona, PA‎ - (412) 828-9922) Outstanding value for your dollar. Huge Portions - it gets busy so make a reservations. More of a family oriented place rather than upscale.

              -Angelo's Pizza in Bloomfield (Great subs ask for their "Mayo" which is a homemade version of ranch/mayo. It's great with Pizza and Fries too. I hear they have a new Scilian style cut that I am wanting to try.

              -Palimino it was "ok", great service, good wines, moderate atmosphere, but expensive.

              -Tusca (in the SS Works) decent Martinis more upscale interior with a younger crowd. Calamari was breaded in a (southern breading, a little too heavey and spicy for me) the dip was very good. Whatever you do don't try the Rootbeer Martini (even as good as it sounds)

              -Jojos (in the strip) for Breakfast. No thrills place that is the MECCA for thoes that are hung over. It's more of an imperfect dinner feel with huge portions of food. Great before a Steeler's game of if you don't have a chance to eat until after 1pm.