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Dec 2, 2008 08:45 AM

The Wood Cafe. Organic Food & Coffee???

I met a friend at The Wood Cafe last week for a late breakfast. It's in Culver City on Washington & Inglewood. Perhaps it use to be a doughnut place before???? Anyway, the menu at The Wood Cafe says "organic coffee & food" and since I appreciate organic tasty food I was excited. I ordered a greek omlette with the standard veggies & feta. It was very good yet not as fluffy as i like and at $7.75 not a bad deal. It is offered with toast, greens or potato I think. I had the greens & they were the standard baby greens in balsamic dressing, simple yet tasty & fresh. I also enjoyed a very good latte served in one of those gigantic cups which was smooth but much too hot for me (I had to add some cold milk to drink it).

My one complaint about this place is that they call themselves organic yet the condiments displayed were not organic. Now I didn't use ketchup & don't consider it 'food' but IMO if you label yourself organic then you should serve all organic products. In addition to the ketchup I also noticed that the sugar, hot sauce & other things on display were your standard brands. Am I wrong to think they should do away with heinz & use an organic brand? I mean it's so easy.... and I left wondering what exactly was organic in my meal? Was the coffee organic but not the milk? Were the eggs organic but not the veggies? I just feel that they misrepresent themselves. Thoughts?????

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  1. at those prices, imho, if half the stuff you ate was actually organic, that would still be a great deal and it be worth it for me to drive there to eat.

    imho, most organic ketchup tastes yuck by comparison to heinz, so i have no problem with them 'cheating' in the ketchup area. for a restaurant to strictly adhere to organic everything would, for all practical purposes, double the cost of the meal.

    i'm thrilled to have a neighborhood restaurant that is making some effort along these lines, that has reasonable prices to boot, and will support them even if they are not 100% organic.