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Dec 2, 2008 08:30 AM

Xmas eve dinner in Baltimore

Does anyone have recommendations for dining out on Christmas eve in Baltimore? We'd prefer non-fixed menus, but will consider anything if the over-all menu and festive feeling is right. We'd rather stay away from super-ethnic (chinese, sushi, persian, indian, etc) on this evening. I'd love to hear your personal experiences about why you are recommending any place in particular.

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  1. Hi maddogg--I highly recommend the Oregon Grill. Hubby and i dined there are Thanksgiving day. Despite the "packed house," the service was impeccable.

    The restaurant offered their regular a la carte menu along with a Thanksgiving meal of turkey and the trimmings.

    The pianist was a delightful background for our wonderful meal. The atmosphere was festive, romantic and felt very much like a holiday.

    We enjoyed our experience enough to reserve for Christmas Eve.

    If you do decide to make plans to spend your evening there, I highly suggest you call and make a reservation immediately as they are booking up quite rapidly.

    In years past, we used to dine at Kali's Court on Christmas Eve and always had a lovely dinner. We are saving Kali's for New Year's Eve this year.

    Hope you have a great holiday. FoiGras

    1. Last year I posted with the same question - here's a link to the responses I got:
      we ended up going to Aldo's and were pretty disappointed - in short not great food, bad service, not great wine, and very expensive.
      This year we are going to be cooking a seafood feast as a family instead of going out.
      although I haven't been there for dinner I think the Oregon Grill would be good - it's not usually my type of place, but I just was taken there for a holiday work event and the food was great, classic fare and the service was perfect - seems ideal for a holiday event (especially if someone else is paying!)