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Dec 2, 2008 08:27 AM


i know it opened this week but has anyone been or heard anything about it? i thought about trying to make a reservation for my colleagues and i next week but wasn't sure if it was too new or if they would even take the reservation. Trying to find a copy of the menu.

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    1. re: italianagambino

      thanks. i got this as well. was hoping to get some more menu info. i didn't love dell'anima so i am hoping i like this place better.

    2. They're taking reservations. I tried to make them for Friday, but they were booked. They advised that I could walk in w/a 2-some and sit at the bar, but I don't think I'll make it. Let us know how it is if you go.

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        1. We went to L'Artusi for dinner last Friday night, happy to secure 9:30 reservations when we called only one day in advance. We've always enjoyed our meals at Dell'Anima.

          Overall, our meal was enjoyable, though not without its kinks. Things did not get off to a good start when we waited15 minutes at our table for any contact with the wait staff. I was ready to walk at this point, but my boyfriend, who is generally less tolerant than I am when it comes to poor service, wanted to wait it out. At the 25 minute mark, we still did not have the bottle of sparkling water we requested. Luckily the service improved (or, I should say, the place emptied out, placing fewer demands on our server), and the rest of our meal proceeding with much better pacing. We started with two fine, but unmemorable, salads (autumn lettuces with almonds, frisee with poached egg). Next, we split the tajarin with ragu. For mains we had the pizzocheri with brussels sprouts and fontina and the gnudi with ricotta. The pastas were much better than the salads, and all three were clearly homemade and decently-sized. For dessert we split a trio of sorbets, sourced, as at Dell'Anima, from Il Laboratorio.

          From our perch on the upper level of the restaurant, much of the energy I liked so much about the space at Dell'Anima was clearly missing. There is a large table (seating maybe 10-12 on the upper level, however, in a room that can be mostly closed off by sliding glass doors, that would be good for large parties.

          1. Just went for dinner tonight w/a friend and had a great time. We were easily able to get 2 seats at the bar around 8, but the bar was full by the time we left. Service was extremely (maybe too?) attentive--replacing silverware as soon as dishes were done, asking how food was at each course, and asking if there was anything else we needed after each plate was done. We had salads to start--a great and filling autumn lettuce salad w/marcona almonds and manchego for me, the frisee for my friend. For entrees we had the arrosto di maiale (me) and monkfish (her). As my friend said, the pork was a perfect comfort food dish. We finished w/the bittersweet chocolate budino.