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Dec 2, 2008 08:25 AM

grilled seafood So Carolina to Savannah

any recs for fresh tasty fish and shellfish from Myrtle Beach to Charleston to Beaufort to Savannah? thanks

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  1. My favorite casual seafood restaurant in the entire Southeast US is The Wreck in Mt. Pleasant. They're only open for dinner, but the seafood is among the freshest and best prepared I've had anywhere,

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    1. re: mikeh

      thanks mikeh but is there anything there for vegetarians I looked at the menu write up and it looked like just fish any great veggie or mac sides???? thanks for alllll your help everyone else too leaving manana and got everyone else excited about the food part of the trip thanks to all your great advice!!!!!!

      1. re: saminyc

        If you want a place that serves both seafood and veggie/Southern sides, the one place that pleases me every time is SeeWee Restaurant, located about 10 miles north of Mt. Pleasant as you're driving in from Myrtle Beach. It's a small little place on the right side of the road.

        Check to make sure which veggie sides are actually vegetarian, but they have them all.

        1. re: mikeh

          going there tomorrow ! thanks so much Mikeh is that Mike H ? do u live down there. I am coming in from NY tomorrow. any chance u would care to hook up with me and my two friends for some serious chowhounding?? unfortunately, I have a very limited schedule mon arrive myrtle beach dont know what time getting to seewee but if u want to join us it will prob be late as we are arriving mb 2:30 making some stops and as you prob know driving to charleston on to beaufort and hopefully make it to Savannah
          expect lots of rain Wed Thur great times to EAT. when it rains.. hoping to do some great bbq and low country..consider vegetarian friend

          1. re: saminyc

            Thanks for the invite, but I actually live in North Carolina. I lived down near Charleston for a number of years and still have relatives there so I make it there quite frequently. The eating is tremendous around that area so I try to stay on top of the latest going-ons with restaurants and such. Hope you have an excellent and safe trip (should be warm and stormy on wed. - perfect for chowing down on excellent cuisine).