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Dec 2, 2008 08:20 AM

best bbq Savannah , Beaufort area, Charleston, Myrtle Beach?

Any recs for Bbq iln this region/. things seem to be changing often .outdoor roadside if not far away from route would be great whats in the towns mentioned.! heard the vinegar sauce was the best but who knows!

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  1. Best BBQ is about an hour inland of your route. Very close to Francis Beidler Forest in Holly Hill, SC is perhaps the best BBQ place in all of SC, called Sweatman's. Only open Fri. and Sat.

    If you want to stick to your coastal route, go to Sgt. White's Diner in Beaufort (while it's still open!...owner is retiring). Great BBQ and southern sides.

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      I will definitely second Sweatman's. It's worth a detour.

      Also worth a detour -- and also open only Friday and Saturday -- is Moree's, outside Andrews SC. It's hard to find but worth the effort. It's east of Georgetown SC.

    2. In Myrtle Beach Little Pigs is about the best. There are much better places inland.

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        I am not much on bbq...i know its a sin...but my husband and his co workers like little pigs

      2. In Savannah, try Wall's. Carey Hilliard's is terrible.

        Roger's on Second Loop Road in Florence, SC is always good.

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          1. I just discovered a website you might like to look over before your trip. It is