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SEA- Oceanaire for Dinner.. Yes or No?

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I will be heading to Seattle for one night and staying near 7th & Pine. Someone recommended Oceanaire, but I'd love to hear some more opinions. Thanks!

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  1. Its good but better options in that area are Union, Matt's in the Market or Palace Kitchen.

    1. the crispy catfish at Steelhead Diner (Pine below 1st), chef formerly at Oceanaire

      1. As a pescatarian, Oceanaire is a slice of heaven.

        Better atmosphere and menu than Flying Fish or the Waterfront Seafood Grill IMHO.

        1. If you are going to be there on a Thursday, I would consider Fare Start. You'll be right next door. They have a guest chef on Thursday nights. It's a GREAT cause!

          1. Although some of the local foodies might wonder why one would ever go to a *chain restaurant*, I've found Oceanaire to be one of the best places to get seafood in the city. Their raw oysters are impeccably fresh (although pricey) and I have an affinity for their Oysters Rockefeller and Fish Stew. Service is prompt and friendly sans the uppity attitude I've found at some hyped local seafood (translation: tourist trap) places. Enjoy!

            1. Hey, I tried Oceanaire a while back when I was craving some great seafood and was very disappointed, the seafood was not very interesting, and the flavors did not work well. It was several months ago, and my memory is not perfect, but I know I'm never going back.

              We started with raw oysters on the half shell, which were fine. I've had better at Flying Fish, Shuckers, and many other places.

              I ordered a whole brandade with some kind of asian sauce that ended up being like the fish was literally dipped in an overpowering teriyaki sauce that masked any enjoyable qualities of the fish. We ordered a cauliflower side with romesco sauce that was poor. The cauliflower was bland and without good texture, the romesco sauce did not have any depth or smokiness, and was strangely skewed too acidic. I can't remember what my boyfriend ordered.

              We were hoping they could at least do a decent dessert, and ordered a baked alaska with (I believe) rocky road ice cream. The waiter poured some very strong liquor over the top and lit it at the table, which was kind of cool, but he must have used bacardi 151, or close, because we could still taste so much alcohol soaked in everything that the dessert was barely edible.

              On the positive side, the service was great, and had that large, old fashioned fancy seafood restaurant kind of vibe from 50 years ago, with a pleasant and attentive old man as our server.

              Overall, I definitely do NOT recommend.

              Of the other restuarants mentioned, Matt's in the market would win hands down. Their food is extremely fresh, very well executed, the ingredients are well thought-out and each one adds something to the dish, and the portions are very generous. The food and atmosphere are relaxed and warm. Only minor complaint is the service has been slow, but this is far outweighed by the positives.