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Dec 2, 2008 07:31 AM

Deep-fried bacon?

Has anyone made it or tried it?

A local diner does this and the review seems intriguing

"Tiongco's technique is a marvel. He precooks it on the griddle, and then, to order, tosses it in the deep-fry. What emerges are strips so thin, so delicately crisp, you realize you've spent your entire life so far in love with something unrealized, and more or less shitty. Quite simply, Rico's bacon lifts anything it shares the plate with."

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  1. I've had bacon that was breaded, deep-fried and then served with country gravy.

    But never bacon just deep-fried, naked.

    1. Makes sense to me - it just means that the bacon cooks more evenly since the entire surface is in constant contact with the hot fat. Probably also renders off more of the fat from the bacon, for the same reason. And, of course, it would depend greatly on what kind of fat is used for the deep-frying.

      On the other hand, it means you don't get the contrast between the extra-crispy bits that were touching the pan and the more tender bits that were slightly raised.

      1. At Tony's Restaurant in Birch Run, Michigan--about 75 miles north of Detroit--if you order the BLT you get a sandwich on thick Italian bread with 1 & 1/2 pounds of bacon that has has been deep fried, plain, till crispy. One sandwich is enough to feed four--giving 3 out of 4 some sort of coronary problem.

        1. a few sub shops in my area cook bacon this way for BLT subs. it's ok but unless it's pre-cooked to preserve the shape it goes all curly.

          1. The restaurant (much too formal a name for this enterprise) at the El Dorado in Puerta Vallarta deep fries their bacon. Sitting at water's edge with my morning's first coffee, enjoying freshly squeezed juice and a plate of this bacon, is as close to heaven as I'm likely to get.