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Dec 2, 2008 07:30 AM

Sukiyaki rec's in Toronto?

I'm looking for a place that serves 'real sukiyaki'... As I know it: a hot broth heated at the table, with raw items for you to cook in the broth and then dip in egg.

Does anyone have ideas of where I can find this in Toronto?

(Bizarre experience: went to a restaurant last night that has a neon 'sukyaki' sign outside, but the waiter didn't know what sukiyaki was, and it wasn't on the menu. Help!)

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  1. Ematei downtown, and Jimbay's in Mississauga. I think they're both fairly authentic, though I've never tried them (this is something I make at home).

    1. Ematei does a nice sukiyaki. You get the hot broth heated, the burner, the big plate of veggies, tofu and sliced beef and a few eggs. A very nice to treat to enjoy with others.

          1. re: bellywizard

            I was with Notorious when him and his girl crushed a whole Sukiyaki dinner, it was GOOD!

            1. re: Bobby Wham

              How did they crush it?...Marimba!