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Looking for a farm to table style restaurant for my 30th birthday?

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I just moved to Boston from New York area. Next tuesday is my 30th birthday and I was looking for a nice place my boyfriend and I could go. When we lived in NY we always went to Blue Hill at Stone Barns for special events. http://bluehillfarm.com/food/blue-hil...

Now I am looking for something similar in Boston or vicinity? Maybe not as pricey as Blue Hill...
A place that has inventive food and cherishes the whole farm to table trend. Any ideas or suggestions?



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  1. I think Craigie on Main should be a good fit for you:


    1. EVOO (in Somerville) also has that philosophy. They use lots of local ingredients and really care about that. This is a wonderful restaurant, too. You won't be disappointed.

      1. TW Food in Cambridge. They radically change their menu several times a season to keep pace with available ingredients. The winter menus are especially interesting, relying heavily on root vegetables. They're always happy to talk about the ingredients, where they come from (e.g., their own root cellar), etc. Oh, and the food is amazing.

        Craigie is great too.

          1. For something a bit different, and maybe 40 minutes out of Boston, you might try Gilson's Herb Lyceum in Groton. Friday and Saturday evening, fixed menu dinner in a restored 19th century carriage house. $55 pp. BYOB. A very enjoyable evening with good conversation and great food.


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              Along that vein you may want to check out Garden at the Cellar (quickly becoming one of my fave restaurants) The chef, Will Gilson is Dave Gilson's son. Will sources his herbs from the Lyceum and is a strong advocate of the local food movement.

            2. Harvest in Cambridge is another option.

              1. Hungry Mother in Cambridge too. I'd go to Craigie tho out of all of those for a really unique, spectacularly delicious, and NYC comparable dinner (I love Chef's whim).

                1. Rendevous in Central Sq. Cambridge is an outstanding choice.

                  1. When I think of the Farm to Table experience.... I think of Henrietta's Table in the Charles Hotel.

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                      I second the Henrietta's Table recommendation. I had dinner there a few weeks ago and very much enjoyed the plate of artisanal New England cheeses (mostly from Vermont, but a few from Massachusetts). There's generally information on their menu about the farms that supply their ingredients.


                      Henrietta's Table
                      One Bennett St., Cambridge, MA 02138

                    2. Many of my first thoughts already covered here. I'd add Ten Tables in JP, Erbaluce in Bay Village, Lumiere in West Newton, Persephone in Southie.

                      1. Oleana. The chef is actually married to her farmer : )

                        1. I would recomend Harvest in Harvard Square. I've celebrated many special occasions there, and they support local farmers.

                          1. Some of those suggestions are close to blue hill but without the view, the best would be Arrows in southern maine. Almost better then blue hill.

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                              Arrows is soo pricey (and I don't think worth it even though they finally just won the James Beard). Have you ever tried Joshua's in Wells? Farmer dad + chef son + hostess mom - splendid fare with very fair pricing.

                            2. I'd have to second a lot of the recommendations - Craigie on Main (Cambridge), EVOO (Somerville), Henrietta's Table (Cambridge) or Ten Tables (Jamaica Plain)

                              1. Another suggestion, further afield in Maine. Cleonice (www.cleonice.com) and Table (www.farmkitchentable.com). They have their own organic farm and also buy from local farms. Full disclosure: my brother and sister-in-law own both restaurants and my nephew is a chef at Cleonice, oh and Cleonice is named after my mother.

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                                  I assume we're starting on suggestions for Katey's next birthday, as the one from the OP was six months ago

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                                    Despite today (7/17/10) being a year and a half after the original post, I've found this thread very useful for my upcoming trip to Boston. My foodie friends have encouraged my husband and I to try more farm-to-table restaurants, so I'm looking forward to sampling several of your suggestions. Thanks.

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                                      FYI - EVOO is now in Cambridge (Kendall Square), and Ten Tables now has a location in Cambridge near Harvard Square.

                                      EVOO Restaurant
                                      350 Third Street, Cambridge, MA 02143

                                      Ten Tables
                                      5 Craigie Circle, Cambridge, MA 02138

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                                        Another is Gibbet Hill Grill in Groton, MA, about 45 minutes northwest of Boston. There's a produce garden and herd of Angus right on the premises (I hear those particular cows are not on the menu).

                                        Gibbet Hill Grill: Restaurant
                                        61 Lowell Rd, Groton, MA 01450

                                  2. Another contender is Salts. Doesn't get as much play on the boards as some of the other posts, but definitely in same league as T.W. Food, etc..

                                    1. I can't disagree with Craigie. Best food in Boston without a doubt.