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Dec 2, 2008 06:45 AM

Office Holiday Lunch near the Mainline

Our office of seven is looking for a festive venue for our holiday lunch in or around Ardmore, Bryn Mawr, Wynnewood, City Ave. Would love your suggestions. Thanks

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  1. Privamera Pizza Kitchen for pasta/pizza. They have large tables that can accomodate your group up on the balcony level. The food is pretty good all around Italian, should be something there that everyone would like.

    1. We've successfully done the office holiday thing at Plate in Suburban Square as well as Tango in Bryn Mawr. If you do Tango, they have a small special room which is mostly glass and overlooking the train tracks. it's to the far right once you've walked into the place. Kinda cool and I am pretty sure that 7 would fit comfortably. I don't know the protocol for getting that room,you are probably able to reserve it...Have a great holiday. Eat & Enjoy!

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        That's too funny, we've done both of those, so we're looking a new option. One thought is Yang Ming....

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          I love Yang Ming! Does everyone in your group like Chinese?

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            OOPS! - deleted a repeat of didn't show up at first!!

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              We have frequented Yang Ming, as well as enjoyed take out from there for several years now. Our most recent two visits have been very sub-par. Surprisingly. We probably wont give it a 3rd chance volunterally. Your results <may> vary..

              Another thought is Lourdas Taverna, right down the street from Tango. Really good greek-mediteranean food in a very nice, clean place. It is BYOB which could be a plus or a minus for you. Also, they only accept ca$h!

              If you can deal with a little schlep, That new P.F. Chang's is in the Plymouth Meeting Mall complex. I don't know if it's considered authentic Chinese, but frankly I don't care because whatever it is, it is really FANTASTIC! Crowded place, you absolutely need reservations.

              Also.. in Bala, there's always CHOPS, if the budget allows it. In my opinion, the best steaks in the whole town, and they have a nice smaller room in the back that you can probably get if you ask for it. We've used it and seven will be very comfortable in there..
              Now that you have me thinking, I may take my group there this year...

              1. re: RichieT

                Richie, just curious, what was the problem at Yang Ming? I don't "frequent" it but on the occasions I've been there (for dinner, never been there for lunch) it's never failed to please.

                1. re: rocknroll52

                  Our last visit was not good. Indifferent service, so-so food. Our last take out being close to inedible. we were just as shocked as you probably are! We have been going there since it first opened and also getting take out. We have had private parties there, as well. On our last take out order, I tossed a whole quart of Hot & Sour soup because it was disgusting. The shrimp in lobster sauce was way too watery and had less than the minimum of shrimp that a premium priced Chinese restaurant would have. There were other things but honestly I forgot specificities, I would be most curious if there are others who had this type of experience at Yang Ming. I am sure I will end up back there, as we tend to go with the flow when we go out with others, so I am hoping that we just caught an aberration.

                  1. re: RichieT

                    I really do hope it was an aberration. I wonder if they have changed chefs. I read somewhere they had a guest chef in from China over the summer.

                    1. re: RichieT

                      We went for dinner a few weeks ago, and dinner was great, as was the service, although they couldn't seem to find our reservation. We're taking my father again tonight, so we'll see if things have changed.

                      1. re: Jdbc

                        I'd love to know how it went! I'd love to hear that all is back to normal there.....

            2. Vinny T's in Wynnewood has a great menu. Something for everyone.

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                Vinny T's is pretty darn good, actually! FYI it is owned by the folks who own Bertuccis, also a pretty good family place.