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Dec 2, 2008 06:26 AM

Jelly rolls?

I am looking for those little strawberry/raspberry jelly roll cakes that used to come in a little package made with white cake. I would prefer the mini ones as apposed to the very large one. I have already checked sobeys on broadview and the Queens Quay Loblaws. I would prefer somewhere downtown, but I'm willing to travel if I have to. Thanks!

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  1. Honestly? In my neck of the woods they are at every single grocery store, bar none. I know that for certain I've purchased them numerous times at A&P/Dominion, Loblaws, AND Sobey's stores. Are you sure you were looking in the proper section of the store(s)? I believe they're usually kept amongst the snack cakes (Joe Louis, Flakies, etc.)

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    1. re: BodyByCheese

      Yes, I was surprised as well. But I was lookign with those snacks and didn't find them anywhere. I will just have to keep checking weekly I suppose.

    2. They may have them at the Western bakery store at Logan and Eastern ave.

      Weston Bakeries Surplus Factory Outlet 416-465-5601
      462 Eastern Ave, Toronto

      Main Intersection - Logan & Eastern Ave
      Store Hours: Mon - Fri 9 - 6; Sat 8 - 4

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        1. re: hungryabbey

          Damn you, Abbey. Now I'm craving them also. *shakes fist*

          Even the chocolate ones with the "creme" filling, although I also prefer the ones you're looking for.

          1. re: futronic

            Ha. I know. They are probably stuffed with unacceptable amounts of trans fats-, but oh, the childhood memories make it worth it.

            1. re: hungryabbey

              I'll just drink a couple extra glasses of red wine to make up for it! That balances out the transfat, doesn't it?

        2. re: foodyDudey

          I saw jelly rolls here today. $1.99 for 6 rolls, 400 grams. They also have Joe Lois, Lune Moon, and all those other items they had in your high school cafeteria.

        3. Last year, I needed that to make a trifle but couldn't find it on the shelf so I spoke to
          the store bakery and they got it in for me within the week which was perfect.
          Perhaps you could try calling your local grocery store bakery and hopefully they could the same for you.
          I would love a piece now with a cup of tea! grrrr!! :-)

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          1. re: capetowngirlie

            thats kind of what Im doing with it. I'll do that, thanks.

            1. re: hungryabbey

              I saw jelly rolls at the No Frills on Carlaw yesterday.

          2. They're with the bread at Pusateri's on Church St.