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Dec 2, 2008 04:53 AM

Dovetail, Telepan, or Bar Blanc?

Taking my gf out for her birthday dinner next Friday night. While I’m a foodie, she just enjoys good, “tasty” food as she puts it. She’s loved Mas (Farmhouse), Perilla, Little Owl and Red Cat, so I figured I’d stay in that ball park of New American cuisine.

I’ve been going back and forth between Dovetail, Telepan, or Bar Blanc. I haven’t been to any of them before, and there have been some mixed reviews as of late. So if anyone could give me any insight on this, I’d appreciate it. And if there are any other places I should be considering, please let me know.

I was also considering Blue Hill, but I've been told it can get a bit stuffy there at times. Being this is a birthday celebration, that's the last thing I want it to be.

Finally got reservations for Scarpetta in a few weeks too, so just thought I’d share my excitement, lol.

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    1. I actually ended up at The Harrison after all. The meal there was fantastic. Had the gnochi and sweetbreads apps and the hanger steak and duck entrees. All four were fantastica, although the sweetbreads were a bit rich with the puree for an app. I'm just a fan of Jimmy Bradley's restaurants I think, b/c I love Red Cat as well.

      I've just heard too many bad reviews lately of Bar Blanc, and just ordinary reviews of Dovetail and Telepan to risk it on a birthday celebration. So luckily everything was great at Harrison, although there's NOTHING around that place. We left at 11pm or so and I've never seen NYC so quiet, lol.