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Best place in Ct. to get whole belly fried clams

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Any strong opinions out there?

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  1. Depends-- of course! Are you looking to get them now bc many of the seasonal places are closed.

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        I'm not big on clams but my parents swear by Sam the Clam in Southington.

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          Sam the Clams are always a little too fishy. My favorites are :
          #1 Seaswirl in Mystic. Been to many clam shacks, even in Mass. nothing beats them yet.
          #2 Johnny Ad's

      2. They are closed for the season, but I love the sea swirl

        1. Tinkers in Hartford and City Fish Market in Rocky Hill have good whole bellies. Be sure to call ahead and make sure they have them, but both places usually do.

          1. black rock oyster bar in fairfield has good fried whole bellies

            1. Blue Sky Cafe in New Hartford/Barkhamsted usually has them...quite good...

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                I had some at the new Westville Fish in New Haven yesterday that were very good

              2. Jimmy's in West Haven
                Sea Swirl in Mystic
                Lenny and Joes, Madison and Westbrook

                1. Glenwood Drive In, Hamden, on Whitney Ave.

                  1. Speaking for my father, a CT native who's lived the last 20 years in southern CA and HI, he can't return to CT (or anywhere else in New England) without stopping at Johnny Ads in Westbrook, specifically for whole belly clams.

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                    1. Sandpiper in East Haven hasgood whole belly clams. I think I paid like 18.50 for the dinner over the summer.

                      1. Crabshell in Stamford has good whole bellies.....definitely not too fishy