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Dec 2, 2008 04:37 AM

London - Best crispy duck

I love Memories of China, but is there better duck out there?

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  1. Not a big fan of Memories of China nowadays. Try Fung Shing on Lisle Street. Been going back there for 20 years, and it simply gets better & better.

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      In the food and drink section of The Independent, Terry Durack (a critic that I rate highly)recently reviewed a new place that specialises in Beijing Duck - and he said it was absolutely sensational.

      It's called Min Jiang in the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington. Given the location, I would expect it to be very pricey, but well worth going for a special treat. I don't live in London any more, but I hope to try it on my next trip home.

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        I haven't been there, but I have just read a rave review of the duck at Jin Miang, in the Royal Garden Hotel.

        1. re: klyeoh

          We (7) tried Fung Shing and service was terrible! We had the crispy duck (higher priced than Memories), soft shell crab (oily), spicy shrimp (excellent), mystery fried shrimp (no one order it), mixed vegetables (great no one order it) and we had several other dishes all average. We didn't get the fried rice and special mustard greens that were ordered. We had to beg for another bottle of wine. So disappointed. Memories of China has the great service and excellent food, I'll compare all Chinese restaurants to.

          1. re: vinonfood

            Sorry to hear that you had a disappointing experience at Fung Shing. I guess I was luckier in that I was first brought there by someone who was a regular guest, and I subsequently went there enough times to be recognized as a "regular", too. You're probably right - the service there can be terrible - it helps if you are a Chinese/Cantonese speaker, I guess.

            Fung Shing's cooking, like New Mayflower on Shaftesbury Ave, may be more suited to Chinese/Cantonese tastes. And yes, you'd probably be put off by New Mayflower's service as well!

            Perhaps you should try China Tang at the Dorchester. It's probably got the kind of service level you're looking for. I didn't try the Peking duck when I was there a fortnight ago, but the Peking duck is the best I'd had in London.

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            Goldmine in bayswater has good duck (but specialises in roast duck, a dish I prefer).