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Dec 2, 2008 04:30 AM

Big Fatty's BBQ - Burlington, VT

I was in downtown last night, so I picked up some pulled pork and mac and cheese from Big Fatty's to take home (on Main Street, across from 40 Main). It was an hour drive home, and there were folks looking at our treadmill, so the pork sat for a while before we got to it.

They smoke for 12 hours in a pit, and you can taste the smoke on the pulled pork. Their sauce is the vinegary/sweet kind, but I'd asked for her to put it on the side, not on top, so I put some Stubbs spicy sauce I had at the house on it, and I liked it a lot. :)

The mac and cheese isn't as good as what you'd get at Ed's Barrrbq in Barre, but it was still good, made with white cheddar. The woman behind the counter was friendly and answered my probing questions about the food with good nature, and she knew the answers. They put onions in their hushpuppies, but I didn't opt for any last night because it would have been too much food for us.

It was a great deal, though. We got a pound of pulled pork and about 8 ounces of mac and cheese for $10 total. Because of our small stomachs we even had some pulled pork left over for lunch today. I love a place where you can buy a pound of pulled pork and take it home to dress up however you want. :)

As some others have commented, it's not the BEST BBQ I've ever had, but it was good, and certainly better than what I've had in other places around Vermont. :) I do recommend it.

There was a place next door that was some European Restaurant. I was tempted, but the menu wasn't very descriptive. Has anyone else given them a try? If not, would you and let us know how it is? It looks like they've got Hungarian meat pies, but the menu wasn't quite specific, and I couldn't place the language of the people there (assuming they were folks who owned the place). It's something of an ecclectic menu and I think they're trying to have a broad appeal. There were a LOT of soups and sandwiches on the menu that sounded good. So someone give it a go and let us know! ;) I'm not likely to be in that part of Burlington again any time soon. :)

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  1. That pulled pork is tasty! My husband and I split the large pulled pork sandwich for lunch the other day, but there were some guys at the table next to us who had one each, plus fries.... to each his own! Good value for the amount of food we got.

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      Just to follow up, I stopped for lunch at Euro Corner next door just recently, but I'm afraid it wasn't my cup of tea. I had a big square of the spinach pie which came from a larger one cooling in the kitchen (spanikopita-like filling, but a heavier crust than they phyllo I'm used to - tasty though). Unfortunately, out of all the soups they list on the menu, only two were available, and the chicken soup I chose looked an AWFUL lot like Campbell's. The fluffy homemade bread it came with was nice. All in all, I wish I'd gone to Big Fatty's instead....

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        Oo thanks for reporting back. I wish they'd do some really unusual stuff, but I suppose they have to appeal to less adventuresome folks, too. Hrmph.