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Dec 2, 2008 01:44 AM

Xmas in Fort Meyers/Cape Coral?

Anyone know of good restaurants that'll be open for Christmas dinner? It's just the two of us this year, rather than a gang of 8, so I'd love to get out instead of cooking the whole holiday meal for two people! Thanks!

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  1. sorry i can't help you with specific info, but if you do a search on these boards, it is useful to know that "fort myers" is the proper spelling.

    see if the veranda is open:
    or sasse's:

    just a thought, but you might get more response by getting in touch with the food-entertainment writers at the fort myers news press: "jean lebouef" the food critic, and "the downtown diva". it is likely they'll be doing a section on christmas dining -- even if it is just an advertising section.

    ps, there is always the ol' waffle house! ;-).

    1. nancy, did you find anything you could share? i'll be there, too.

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        Not yet... just posted something to News Press hoping someone will take notice and help.

      2. Try Reds Seafood House & Tavern on Pine Island. According to there website they are open for dinner 7 nights a week.
        The wife & I enjoyed dinner there Friday night so much, we went back tonight. IMO the food and service are outstanding!

        1. Usually just a few restaurants are open on this day, generally hotels. I was in your situation 3 years ago and we had dinner at Baleen in Naples. We sat on the terrace overlooking the gulf and it was lovely. They are serving from 11-4. The Ritz Carlton does a huge Christmas buffet in their ballroom and it is excellent. Very expensive however. Baleen is $70 and Ritz will be about $115.

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            Another suggestion I received from News Press posting:

            1. What don't y'all just take a drive out to Sanibel for the day? People spend thousands to fly down here to have Xmas on the beach & you have it right here in your back yard. On the Xmas's we've stayed around in SW Florida, that's what we've been doing & we found quite a handful of restaurants opened while driving around on the island. The beaches have a large handful of people celebrating & we've been asked to join in on quite a few food & drink binges with friendly's the one day everyone's in good spirits on the beach !

            2. If you decide to take Knotty's advise, the Tween Waters Inn and The Green Flash would be 2 very nice settings for a Christmas Day dinner.

            We've e-mailed both about Christmas Day and to inquire about reservations. This sounds like a super idea (and closer than Naples, which is nice, too!) Thanks all, I'll keep you posted on anything else I hear.

            1. re: Nancy C

              We've got a reservation at the Tween Water's Inn in late afternoon, so we can catch some sundown. Looking forward to it, and sending happy holidays to all!

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                We enjoyed our dinner at Tween Waters/Old Captiva Inn. A generous raw bar, yummy salad, good carving stations and decent sides. A light coconut cake and a pecan pie that was sweet, but not TOO sweet. The holiday lights were lovely, and 'twas so nice to not be stressed about turkey etc for two people. Sat outside, which was the right choice - inside, the Sterno odor and people moving to/from the food made for stuffy air and cramped feeling. Thanks for a nice evening out.

          2. The original comment has been removed