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Dec 1, 2008 11:48 PM

Website freezes up

For the past week, my brower freezes on the chowhound site. I don't have any issues with any other website just chowhound. It seems to freeze up when I am reading some replies and attempt to scroll / page down. I have to close my browers and go back in again.

Anyone else with this issue?

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  1. I have been noticing this as well. It seems to be a sporadic rather than a consistent problem and if I wait long enough I will eventually get control back and be able to navigate the site. It is getting to be very annoying.

    I am running windows xp pro sp3 - ie v7.0.

    1. The problem was reported quite a while ago by several people and mentioned on several different posts. It seems to get better and then worse again in cycles. No idea why this is so. I still think it has something to do with the intensive advertising which increased after the changeover.

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      1. re: LNG212

        This has been such a frustrating problem the last 2 days . I've been trying for the last hour to post a new report on the May COTM board without success. The board freezes and there's nothing I can do except click out. It's not worth the aggravation.

        Edit: I believe it IS the ads which is causing the boards to freeze. They are just too heavy.

        1. re: Gio

          I totally agree about the ads.

          Someone on another thread suggested that it's just an IE problem. But I go to a lot of other sites (incl. NY Times, WashPo, HuffPo, NYMag, etc.) and I never experience these problems anywhere else.

          It has become very frustrating to go to CH. Even more frustrating trying to post. I've stopped putting up CH as one of the tabs on the window because when I have to shut it down everything else then closes too. What a pain.

          1. re: Gio

            It's the stupid chase ad. Every other ad seems to be doing fine. But when the banner and top tower ones are Chase ads, it locks up. I've had to kill the program a half dozen times in the past ten minutes.

            I've been on the board for a while and never complained about the many changes. I've always just rolled with it and figured, no big deal, font, I can deal, color, I can deal. Different format, no problem. I remember the days of doing donation drives. Wendy's ads, who cares. Occasional broken links, ehh it happens.

            BUT, this freezing problem is finally the one issue that has made me complain. When I can't even get on the stupid board, I think that defeats the whole purpose.

            I can deal with all the other changes since it's just a matter of adjusting and most of it are personal preferences. But how do you adjust to not being able to access the board? Very frustrating.

            1. re: Gio

              Same problem here, especially in the last week or so. I can't read hardly anything on the Midwest board, without it freezing up.

              1. re: Katie Nell

                It's Freezing in here today. So frustrating.....

          2. This site has major technical issues and I am not easily finding an address to send them a complaint. Considering they are owned by a large company and waste tons of money on nonsense this is pathetic. Buy some new switches, routers, clean up your code, whatever it is. I realize they are after the masses like the Food Network crowd regardless of the name of the site so they spend all their time making useless additions such as 20 ways to make a list of the same recipe for frosting or some such rubbish.

            Now a mod can admonish me, I am sure. THAT they spend time doing.
            No, it is not my pc(multiple), it is not my connection(multiple and runs more intense apps than this), it is this poorly executed front end.

            I wish they actually took feedback seriously and that more people complained. I like some of the users on here but in this short time, I have gotten quite frustrated using this many times. Loading times, server hiccups, all about as bad as I have seen for such a well funded entity.

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            1. re: dietndesire

              This is actually the best place to post your feedback on technical issues, though you can also email

              Here's the About page (linked in the footer on every page) with the rest of the contact information:

            2. This week, the featured winter greens lasagna I'm dying to save to My Chow leads to a blank page. Even on Firefox.

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              1. re: voodoukween

                FYI ... the winter green lasagna is amazing. I added mushrooms to mine but totally amazing and well worth. it. Try a few times if not I can send it to you I copied it.

                Good recipe

              2. The freezing and crashing is just getting worse and worse. Is there a solution in the offing? I note the only response on this thread from the Chow Team is to say posting here is correct. Any chance you could tell us more than that?

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                1. re: Googs

                  Agreed. It happens to me most frequently when I click Back after reading a post in Hot Posts.

                  1. re: meatme

                    Yes, I'm quite tired of exiting CH by using ctrl, alt, delete. Enough already.

                    1. re: Googs

                      Wow, that sucks, I've never had that happen once! I'd bet it's a browser issue. Although I never use the Back button on this site either (I open everything in tabs), so maybe it's something involving that?

                      1. re: Chris VR

                        It doesn't just happen when I go back. It freezes when I click a link just as often as it doesn't. This never used to happen to me so I'm thinking not my browser. Dunno.

                        1. re: Googs

                          If you don't have ad or script blockers in your browser, it may be some of the advertising scripts causing this.

                        2. re: Chris VR

                          If it's a browser issue, it's a browser issue that occurs with no other site.

                          1. re: meatme

                            Correct meatme. Only happens on Chowhound for me too.

                            1. re: meatme

                              Wouldn't be the first one :-) This site seems to be plagued with browser-specific issues. But yeah, could be ad-related too, I use an ad-blocker so I manage to miss most of those problems.

                          2. re: Googs

                            This just started happening to me yesterday and unfortunately, ctrl >alt > delete does nothing for me. I have to do a hard shutdown and woe is me if I've got anything in process. Very frustrating; very annoying.

                            1. re: JoanN

                              It's been freezing on me _from multiple computers_ off and on for a couple of weeks. Just now it froze on me FOUR TIMES in the last half hour! The only way out is to kill the browser.

                              This is the ONLY site that I have a problem with.

                              Chowhound owner: you have incompetent web support. You are not getting your money's worth.

                              1. re: JoanN


                                Do the Ctrl-Alt-Del, to get to Task Manager. If you cannot close your browser from the Programs section, go to Processes. Click on Name, to get them in alphabetical order. Look/scroll down to your browser (Iexplorer for IE, for instance), Rt-click and choose End Process. You'll get a warning, but hit OK. You browser will close, and can be reopened - where it will work fine on all other sites, except CH, where it will probably freeze up again.

                                You do not need to reboot, but it is still a pain.

                                Good luck,


                                1. re: Bill Hunt

                                  I've been doing that for months. Won't close and freezes all programs. Always have to reboot. Same on my top end computer too. All happens with the chow site. Sometimes I run 10-12 programs with no problem. When chow is open even just that ... it freezes.

                                  1. re: Bill Hunt

                                    When it was happening to me--and I must say that although I've done absolutely no browser tweaking it hasn't been happening at all the past couple of weeks--Ctrl-Alt-Del didn't bring up Task Manager. I had no control over my mouse or my keyboard. I could do nothing other than a hard shutdown.

                                    I use FF on XP with adblocker. Did when it was happening, and still do now that it's not. Just hope I haven't jinxed myself by writing this.

                            2. re: Googs

                              Freezing is getting way worse ... also posting recipes ... I listed 12 ingredients, everything was fine. I posted and half didn't show up and 4 repeated. Problems with posting every time.