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Dec 1, 2008 09:37 PM

Hosting Christmas AND on-call at work

I have been hosting Christmas at my home since 1987 and I do not have any relatives willing or capable (physically) of doing this. Not a large group any longer, around a dozen or so with possible drop in friends. I have a dilemma this year. I will be on-call at my work starting on Monday until the following Monday of Christmas week. I will be working every day except Christmas but will be on-call all 7 days. My work hours are likely to be long as well during that week. I would really appreciate ideas for a mid-day meal probably around 2 p.m. My husband is a great helper but does not prepare meals; he will clean up a storm and run for food but no cooking.

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  1. How about a make ahead lasagna you can freeze? On Christmas just bake off make a salad and garlic bread. It could be a fancier one with wild mushrooms in a bechamal if regular lasagna doesn't sound special enough for a holiday meal. Good luck.

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      This is what came to my mind too.....lasagna and maybe some type of stuffed shells with the accompaniments ....easy but still looks beautiful and is filling.

    2. Try a Honeybaked Ham that is pre-cooked and sliced...can be served warm or cold. Possibly some sides that can be made ahead and a salad. Then after your busy week you can make a pot of split pea soup with the leftover ham bone.

      1. Outsource some of the preparations. If you are near Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Costco, etc. buy already prepared appetizers. No shame in buying high quality products. You can outsource dessert as well, send DH or another relative to the bakery for a buche de Noel or some such Xmas eve. Prepare a simple salad like Cesar, mixed greens etc. A roast is very easy and not time consuming, a rib roast says Xmas. You can prepare a potato gratin 2-3 days in advance and re-heat day of Xmas. Have DH pick up rolls while he is at the bakery. Some simple roasted green beans with garlic or toasted almonds are also easy and tasty. Voila, instant holiday meal.

        1. Thank you for all the great ideas! I am not a great cook and all your suggestions sound doable for my skill level. Thank you for responding and have a great holiday season.
          Merry Christmas

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            Ah, you and me, on call for the holiday week. Fortunately for me, all I need is one dish for Christmas Eve and one dish for Christmas Day to share with extended family at their homes. But I'll probably have to lug the laptop and take a separate car in case something blows. Haven't yet decided what I will bring, sounds like we have an abundance of desserts already in the making, and I usually take whatever cheesecake I haven't already found homes for, might be a cabbage salad again. Bag of slaw, chicken meat (store bought or home cooked), toss with bottled Italian dressing - not chowish, but tasty. Dress it up with cherry or grape tomatoes, can toss in slivered almonds, sliced radishes, etc. My garlic fried chicken is always welcome at family gatherings, but that can be time consuming to fry, even if kept to wings for uniform frying. Definitely not supplying the prime rib this year.

            Here's to a quiet on call for both of us!