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Dec 1, 2008 09:33 PM

matsutake (AKA Mattake/pine mushroom)

Dear all,

Does anyone know where I can buy some matsutake mushroom (I think it also goes by the name pine mushroom and Mattake ) in Toronto?

Also, would anyone know how to make the matsutake soup? I think it would be so delicious on our winter camping trip up in Algonquin.

Many thanks.


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  1. Check out the local farmer's markets, many of which list their hours online through a city website. There's a vendor that shows up for them called the Fun Guy (geddit?) who grows various varieties, which I think includes these. He might even have a website. I also saw them from time to time in my local Dominion before the makeover.

    1. Bruno, of FunGuy Mushrooms cultivates a variety of mushrooms, including maitake. During the winter, you can find him at Dufferin Grove Farmers Market on Thursday afternoons and at the new Wychwood Green Barn market on Saturday mornings.

      Here's Bruno's website:

      1. You don't say whether you're looking for fresh or dried. But dried mushrooms might be perfect for a camping trip. Forbes Wild Foods ( sells packages of dried matsutake mushrooms, and many other varieties. I saw them at the One of a Kind Show on Sunday, and their website lists other stores around the GTA that carry their products.

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          You'll also find a Forbes stand at the above-mentioned year-round farmers' markets.

        2. The original comment has been removed