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Dec 1, 2008 06:53 PM

Tangerine Thai - Tuckahoe

I had another wonderful meal at Tangerine Thai but before I talk about the food, I'm gonna rant a bit.

The place was EMPTY! I wonder if Westchester is ready for an authentic Thai restaurant. People complain about Reka, Sala and Thai House yet here sits a little gem hardly anyone has mentioned and even less are patronizing.

Anyways... we had the Tom Yum soup, Prawn Rolls, Green Curry and Thai BBQ Chicken. Tom Yum was sour and spicy just the way I like it. The Green Curry had beautiful fragrant and spicy flavors not found in typical wanna-be Thai restaurants. The Thai BBQ chicken is tender grilled chicken breast with garlic & ginger sauce. It also came with a side of sticky coconut milk rice wrapped in banana leaves.

As you can tell I really like the food. Based on the number of people eating dinner there, I'm praying they have a killer lunch crowd or else they won't be around much longer.

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  1. The problem with Tangerine Thai is that it is nearly invisible. Had I not been making that left turn near it the other day, I would never have known that it was there in that location. In a restaurant, what's important is also what's important in real estate: location, location and, oh yes, location. We'll have to try it now that I know exactly where it is!

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      Even when I knew where it was from Googling, we nearly drove right past it -- and there's nothing else on the block to attract people. On the other hand, parking has not been a problem (partly, of course, because they've not been doing a lot of business.) We were there for lunch for the first time the other day and were the only customers, tho it was Thanksgiving weekend, which might have made it worse. We've now been four times and have always been happy with it. I have noticed that they now seem to make an effort to inquire as to how hot you want the hot dishes. They also seem like very nice people.

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        Absolutely agree. The location is about as bad as it gets. Last night all the street parking was taken by some function at Angelina so I had to park at the train station. The new owner/operator is very nice. Service was excellent. I forgot to check whether they got their liquor license or not.

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        I agree it is hard to find and you have to be looking for it. Also as far as I can tell they do no advertising. As they are not visible from the train station people probably don't know they are there. I would actually if I were them pay someone to stand and hand out menus at the station, offer a free drink or appetizer just to get people in the door or ordering take out.

      3. I just looked it up and figured out that it's only 10 minutes from my house. We will try it for take out, maybe this weekend.

        Thanks for the reminder.

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          Lunch specials are terrific deals. Loads of parking. Wonderful service. Excellent, authentic, Thai cuisine. Yet, there are very few customers. Westchester, wake up!

        2. My son was off from school today, so we decided to pay Tangerine Thai a visit for lunch. There was a pretty good crowd -- two large tables and two small ones, plus the two of us. It must have been unusually large since there were no lunch menus available when we arrived. I have to say that we were disappointed in our meal. My son did the pad thai and I did the wide noodle, plus my son ordered some Thai dumplings. We both thought that the salad dressing on the small salad that came with the lunch was horrible. It had an odd taste, and neither of us finished it. The dumplings were just OK, and the dipping sauce that came with them was way too sweet for our palates. I ordered my dish very spicy and my son ordered his medium. Mine came un spiced and his was fiery. They waiter offered to re-do the dishes, but we declined, and he brought me some sirracha on the side. It was a good thing, since my first taste was pretty uninspiring, and it really only became interesting with the hot sauce. My son soldiered through the pad thai, but admitted that he much preferred the pad thai at Haiku. Our waiter was fine, but he had someone helping him who was slinging dishes onto the large table with 7 diners and essentially having the customers pass the food down the table. Not my idea of waiting on a table.

          I wanted to like it, but sorry to say that I am not inclined to return.

          1. We tried take out from Tangerine Thai last night. It was good, but don't think I would say excellent. We had the summer rolls, which were just kind of bland, and the chicken satay. Generous portions, particularly the satay, and the chicken was good but it came with an itsy bitsy container of peanut sauce. I swear it was the size of a thimble.

            Then we had the Thai BBQ Chicken and the Massaman Curry. I really liked the BBQ chicken, although my husband did not like the flavor. It came with a few pieces of steamed broccoli and carrots. The Massaman Curry was tasty as well. There was a single very small container of rice that I believe was for the Massaman curry, but it was definitely not enough rice for 2 people to share. Not sure what was up with that but it was kind of annoying.

            Overall good, not great, I liked it better than my husband. BTW, he came back at around 6:30 and said that he was the only person at all in the place.

            1. I've been here a couple of times and definitely like it better than the previous version. The curries can be pretty good, especially if you ask for them extra spicy. The papaya salad is actually an excellent version, the best thing I've had there. Many of the other entrees are mediocre....mainly they lack seasoning...salt, pepper, and spice. They now havea liquor license. This place has potential, but definitely needs to tighten the menu and do some advertising.

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                I used to go to Garlic & Pepper every now and again. This seems to be around the same level of cooking. A good many of the menu items are the same. I was actually shocked by how expensive it had become. $19 for a duck dish with Tangerine sauce. That's a bit much for this kind of joint.

                1. re: gordoma

                  The green curry and pad thai are much better than garlic and pepper. When I ordered curry at garlic and pepper it was basically a creamy sauce with the dish served on a plate. Now it is served in a pot and the curry is more like a soup which is what I have gotten at other thai restaurants and the flavor was much better. I do agree they are a little more expensive but they actually put 6-8 very nice sized shrimp in the pad thai unlike before (G and P) when I counted 5 or less of smaller size for not that much less money.