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Dec 1, 2008 06:38 PM

Cincinnati: Need suggestions for a Friday night dinner near Wyoming

My husband and I are taking my mother-in-law and her friend to dinner on Friday night somewhere in the vicinity of Wyoming, which is not a part of town that's familiar to us. Their request is to find a "cozy" spot ... my interpretation of that is someplace that's conducive to conversation (not too loud) where we're also not too rushed. My MIL is not a super-adventurous eater, so someplace with soups/salads/sandwiches/traditional meat entrees would be best. We'd prefer spending $20 or less/person if possible.

From my internet research, I'm thinking Grand Finale (been there for lunch but never dinner), Vincenzo's, Glendale Gaslight Cafe or College Hill Coffee Company -- quite a range, I know. Any thoughts about any of these places, or recommendations for other places? We don't HAVE to eat near Wyoming, but we just thought it might make things a little easier.


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  1. Sounds like you want Gabby's, which is right in Wyoming.
    The Iron Horse in Glendale has recently reopened, and the upstairs, more casual dining area might also fit your requirements. I'd check on prices first, though.

    I've eaten lunch several times at College Hill Coffee Company--which isn't especially close to Wyoming--and although it might be decent, I probably wouldn't take guests there. It's quite casual.

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      Thanks for the tip on Gabby's -- that looks perfect! Though, the tavern above The Iron Horse sounds like a good fit too ... I'd looked at their website and completely missed the upstairs option, which is definitely more within our price range than the main dining room. Has anyone been?

      I'll let you know where we end up ... my guess is Gabby's.

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        Hubby and I've been happy with Gabby's every time we've been there. It's not fine dining, but they do a competent job and the service and atmosphere are pleasant.

        A quick update on the Iron Horse: the Cincinnati Enquirer's food critic, whose negative commentary about restaurants she reviews is usually fairly muted, today gave the Iron Horse only two stars in a largely negative review.She went so far as to suggest about one dish that it seemed impossible that anyone in the kitchen had actually sat down and made a meal of it. Given the alternatives, I'd stay away

        1. re: Emm

          We did end up at Gabby's, which we really enjoyed. You're right -- it's not fine dining -- but our pasta was tasty and the service was perfect. Very comfortable neighborhood place that I could see myself going to more often if it were in my neighborhood! Thanks again for the suggestion.

          Just read the review of Iron Horse ... it was definitely one of the more negative reviews I've read recently, but it looks like there were some bright spots too. Hopefully it can recover.