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Dec 1, 2008 06:32 PM

What is open in San Diego on Christmas day?

My wife and I are going to be in San Diego the week of Christmas, at the Hard Rock Hotel downtown and we began to wonder what our options on Christmas Day for lunch and/or dinner might be.

We hope that there will be at least a few local great spots that we might partake of a nice meal---or will be cast into the sanctuary of a good Chinese restaurant ala 'A Christmas Story'?

Any chance? All thoughts are appreciated!

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  1. Out of the restaurants with availability on Xmas day, I recommend Marine Room in La Jolla or Candelas in Coronado. Their specialties are different.

    The Marine Room's seafood is excellent, however the ambience is anchronistic.

    Candelas on the Bay in Cornoado is known for their Mexico City style cuisine. Cheers.

    1. There are multiple restaurants open in San Diego for Christmas day.
      This link has a list of restaurants open for christmas day. Also, usually has a listing of restaurants open during holidays. For example, they put up a list of restaurants open for thanksgiving. At the moment I do not see a list for christmas dining, but if you check later on, maybe something will show up.

      1. Did you see "A Christmas Story"? I'd try Convoy St.

        1. Native SD and we love going to the Hotel Del at the Crown Room for their wonderful holiday buffet...Christmas at the Hotel Del is gorgeous!

          1. thanks all! I love the internet! I will check out those restaurants and go from there.

            We are there in San Diego for the week from the 20th to th 27th. A good recommendation for good seafood (so I can compare it to Seattle!) and a good brew pub (again for comparisons sake! ). A good mexican resturant would be awesome too--I will say that overall the mexican food in Seattle (with a few notable exceptions) are not that great. I am hoping to chow down on some good mexican while in california.

            But thanks for your recommendations so far!