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favorite bakery?

Susina Bakery?
Porto's Bakery?
Amandine Patissiere?
Alcove Bakery?
JJ Bakery?
Cathy's Bakery?

Just Wondering where everyone is going these days...

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  1. Bea's and Portos. Not necessarily in that order. Depends on how I feel. Both are excellent.

    1. For bread, it has to be BreadBar. I'm an especially big fan of their multigrain, alpine, and walnut/raisin loaves. BreadBar consistently has the best bread in town.

      For a decadent savory pastry, go with the bacon/cheese twist at Rockenwagner/3 Square.

      If you're in the mood for a sweet pastry, then I would recommend the following:

      1. The peanut butter & jelly cookie from Rockenwagner
      2. The financiers at BreadBar.
      3. The pastries from that portugese bakery in the Valley whose name I cannot remember, but it has been mentioned on this board many times.

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        Nata's is the Portugese bakery. Corner of Fulton and Ventura in the little strip mall just west of Casa Vega.


        1. re: a213b

          Bingo -- that's it.

          I should have also added to me list tahini bread. it's available in a few of the Jon's supermarkets under the Avo's Bakery brand. But you can also get it fresh (along with a killer lahmajune) at Taron Armenian Bakery in Glendale. It's not available everyday and it tends to sell out, so you may want to call ahead.

        1. 1. Porto's Bakery
          2. Bea's Bakery
          3. King Hawiian Bakery
          4. Bristol Farms Bakery Sec.
          5. Gelsons Bakery Sec.

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            I didn't even think of Gelsons. They do have a great bakery.

            1. If Gelson's is game, I'm going to say Whole Foods in Pasadena, the one on Arroyo Seco. Their bakery is amazing. I love their fresh roasted tarts and their mini creme brulees and cheesecakes.

              Bristol Farm's bakery is amazing too.

              1. Europane (Pasadena)
                Merengue (Monrovia)

                1. Amandine
                  Patisserie Chantilly
                  Angel Maid

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                      We made it to Natas after a year of anticipation (Portuguese bakeries are far from commonplace in this state) and it exceeded expectations--the pastry on the custard tarts snapped into delicate crisp shards when bitten.

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                        Betcha can't eat just one... :)

                    2. Paradise on Glenoaks in Glendale.

                      1. Susina for everything except Porto's for cheese rolls.

                        1. Breabar for bread and croissants
                          Clementine, it isn't a bakery but there baked goods are superior

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                            Third for BreadBar.

                            Clementine has good Apple Dapple Breakfast Bread.

                            Susina has a great cookie selection at reasonable prices.

                          2. Belwood Bakery off Barrington Place has excellent pastries and cakes.

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                              Belwood's ciabatta bread is fabulous . Love their tuna on ciabatta sandwich

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                                Boule for overall and Dots in Pasadena has the best cupcakes in my opinion (though I know that's controversial).

                            2. -Just for the record, the Bakeries at Gelsons Stores are called "Viktor Benes", pronounced "Benesh". I also love many of the baked goods at Whole Foods Bakery. While some of those items are made at the Whole Foods Bakery (based at another locale), many are made by bakeries they buy from, such as "Perfectly Sweet Bakery" & others. The items made by Perfectly Sweet are always some of the most delectable!! JET

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                                Viktor had a shop on 3rd Street, eons ago, sold it and then opened another store; I told him that I hoped that he would be in charge of the bakery in heaven - he really was a master at that craft.

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                                  I believe that only some of the bakeries at Gelsons are Victor Benes. If I recall correctly, the one at the Tarzana Gelsons was opened by a former employee of Bea's (which is right across the street). Bea's and Benes are my top two bakeries.

                                2. I'm going to add Vanilla Bake Shop in Santa Monica. Great cupcakes.

                                  1. No one's mentioned Sweet Lady Jane?

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                                      I think there's a slight problem that "a few" have had with SLJ...


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                                        Interesting. I hadn't seen that thread before.
                                        I visited SLJ during a trip to LA this fall and had some amazing cake there. But I too was turned off by the service from one of the staff (although the other person helping me did an excellent job). So I guess my experience wasn't a fluke.

                                        The cake was good enough that I will still go back the next time I'm in the area.

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                                          The cakes can be good, but many have voiced "inconsistencies" relative to taste and texture, which is what cakes (and so much of food) are all about. Some of their cakes (like their Triple Berry Cake) that can be found both at their bakery counter as well as the freezer section of some supermarkets have been reported to often have a mealy texture and an off taste. Based on this information, I have my suspicions as to what's going on here, but you decide, or at least consider your choices there.

                                          While we're not in this part of town often, we'd make a point of visiting SLJ until we had enough of the apathetic, passive-aggressive, or hostile behavior from the counter folk. Their lemon meringue tarts are incredible as are many of their offerings, but the service issues make me feel persona non grata. As far as I'm concerned, the feeling is mutual. Moreover, with Susina in the same general neighborhood, SLJ isn't even a consideration any more.

                                      2. re: racer x

                                        There's a reason for that, and her name is Jane.

                                      3. For pastries, I like Almondine. For cupcakes, brownies and other sweets, I like Leda's Bakeshop (although it's currently closed).

                                        1. omg how come no one knows of Lark on Sunset (at Micheltorena)? Pwns at cupcakes (and, conveniently, cakes).

                                          1. I love Boule and Portos, but King's Hawaiian is around the corner from my house, so end up going there most of the time.

                                            On the West Side, I usually go to Angel Maid.