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Dec 1, 2008 05:44 PM

favorite bakery?

Susina Bakery?
Porto's Bakery?
Amandine Patissiere?
Alcove Bakery?
JJ Bakery?
Cathy's Bakery?

Just Wondering where everyone is going these days...

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  1. Bea's and Portos. Not necessarily in that order. Depends on how I feel. Both are excellent.

    1. For bread, it has to be BreadBar. I'm an especially big fan of their multigrain, alpine, and walnut/raisin loaves. BreadBar consistently has the best bread in town.

      For a decadent savory pastry, go with the bacon/cheese twist at Rockenwagner/3 Square.

      If you're in the mood for a sweet pastry, then I would recommend the following:

      1. The peanut butter & jelly cookie from Rockenwagner
      2. The financiers at BreadBar.
      3. The pastries from that portugese bakery in the Valley whose name I cannot remember, but it has been mentioned on this board many times.

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      1. re: glutton

        Nata's is the Portugese bakery. Corner of Fulton and Ventura in the little strip mall just west of Casa Vega.


        1. re: a213b

          Bingo -- that's it.

          I should have also added to me list tahini bread. it's available in a few of the Jon's supermarkets under the Avo's Bakery brand. But you can also get it fresh (along with a killer lahmajune) at Taron Armenian Bakery in Glendale. It's not available everyday and it tends to sell out, so you may want to call ahead.

        1. 1. Porto's Bakery
          2. Bea's Bakery
          3. King Hawiian Bakery
          4. Bristol Farms Bakery Sec.
          5. Gelsons Bakery Sec.

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          1. re: Pineapple099

            I didn't even think of Gelsons. They do have a great bakery.