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Dec 1, 2008 05:42 PM

moderately priced in Lakewood, CO

I will be at a training in Lakewood, CO for one week, staying near 7400 W. Mansfield. I am looking for good, ethnic restaurants in the $15-20 range and a good coffee shop and bakery. I would love to find good Mexican, New Mexican, Vietnamese, Thai, dim sum... or any recommendations you have really for a place that shouldn't be missed.
Since I don't know the Denver area, please let me know if you recommend a place that's a bit of a drive. We will have a car available, put probably wouldn't want to go more than 20 minutes or so.

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  1. PS - At least some of the nights I will be dining with someone who prefers vegetarian cuisine.

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      I haven't eaten in Lakewood too often, so I hope some Hounds from around there can help. If you were to ask for a great pizza place, I would have suggested Virgilio's for great New England pies. That would work for your vegetarian colleague. So would an Inidan/Nepalese place called Namaste, but I've never eaten there. Otherwise, Lakewood itself has mostly chains. Golden isn't far, and neither is the west side of Denver. Excellent Chinese at Super Star and King's Land, both on Alameda near Federal. Many ethnic eatries up and down Federal too.

    2. Check out Davies Chuck Wagon Diner on West Colfax for a truly authentic experience as well as low prices.

      1. Not the best reco, but it's something: I got takeout once from this place: (I'm pretty sure that is the place, but I wouldn't bet my life on it). A strip mall restaurant, but the food was quite good.

        1. Hmmm.. Lakewood doesn't exactly sound like a food wonderland. Too bad.

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            That's why Henry Ford invented the Model T.

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              Actually 240 Union, which surprisingly is at 240 Union in Lakewood is one of the better restaurants in the Denver area. Its good food and great service at a moderate price. With wine you can get out of there at about $50 person.

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                In same shopping center as 240 Union is Bisque, which until a few weeks ago was called Cafe Bisque. Not sure how prices compare. It's been a while since I've been to either.

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                  Claire, a year ago I tried Bisque for dinner. It was about $10 less than I had spent at 240 for dinner a week before. Bisque was not busy that night but 240 was jammed.

            2. El Paraiso at 4690 Harlan St. is a really good Mexican restaurant. It is not Tex-Mex or Cal-Mex, but real Mex. Huge and diverse menu, probably several hundred selections. One of our favorites is to share a brazier of mixed meats and seafood along with nob onions.