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Dec 1, 2008 05:13 PM

Best Lunch Specials in West L.A

I am looking for good , cheap lunch specials in West L.A Anna's Italian has a decent lunch special for about $8 or so and it is a good amount of food. Salad, pasta and a meat. Chili thai also has a special for about $6, but it's not as much food.

I am looking for places in West L.A that have good filling (Large Portions) lunch specials basically enough food for two meals..

Any suggestions?

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  1. My favorite lunch special on the westside is at Hu's. The combo at $6.95 starts with a cup of hot'n'sour soup that is loaded with egg, bamboo shoot, and tofu, and is better spiced up with a splash of soy and hot chili oil. Then a small plate of Chinese chicken salad, refreshing with a simple rice wine vinegar dressing. The entrees are big -- I usually order the twice-cookd pork (without tofu) or the kung pao chicken. The eggplant is good if I'm sharing, but too one-note to eat alone. Avoid the shrimp chop suey or sweet n sour.

    The lunch specials at Shamshiri are huge and about 8 bucks. They start with flatbread and onion, and I like the shirazi salad -- cucumber, parsley, onion, and lemon. The entree -- I like the beef koobideh or the chicken shawarma -- is served with a big mound of rice and some grilled vegies.

    Many people go to Bay Cities for the Godmother or other deli sandwiches and never try the hot side to the right near the cashiers. They have rotating weekday specials and regular items -- meatloaf, pot roast, chicken or eggplant parm, and others -- for $7.98 that include a nice portion of the entree and a choice of two sides or pasta, depending on the dish.

    A half-chicken with pita, garlic paste, and the pickled vegies is $7 with tax at Zankou, and makes a hearty lunch. But a whole chicken, half for there and half to go, is $10, travels well, and gives you two meals.

    If you are further south, the pulled pork sandwich with one side at Porky's runs about $7 and is more than I can eat at a sitting. Dinners with two sides are two-for-one on Tuesdays. Sorrento's, the old Italian deli on the east side of Sepulveda near Jefferson, sells large sandwiches for $5 -- the medium for about $3 fills me up for a lunch with a side. In El Segundo at Big Mike's on Main Street, a 12-inch Philly cheesesteak with onions and both hot and sweet peppers, with onion rings and a drink, runs about $11. One half more than fills me, so I order the second half wrapped to go, and it rewarms fine in the oven.

    1. Have you tried any of the Indian places on the west side? Portions are usually huge.

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        at least a couple of them, jaipur and nizam, offer buffet lunch specials.
        although that means that a lot of food can be consumed at the lunch itself, there will be no take-home for later.

      2. Don Antonio's has lunch specials for $5.50.

        1. Thanks for replies, I like to go for the lunch buffet at Jaipur and went today. Yeah I think the Don Antonio's special is a good deal for $5.50, but I'm pretty sure they don't let you take it to go.

          I guess i'm looking mostly for places that let you takeout as I start work at 1:30pm .

          I intend to try Sorrento's Deli and also the Shamshiri special (if they do it for takeout)

          Hu's I've liked as well, I think it's a good value.

          Anymore suggestions are welcome !

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            Just remembered another one. I've never had it, but Il Forno Caffe on Ocean Park in Santa Monica does $6 lunch to go "Powermeals."


            1. re: Juji

              Il Forno is a great suggestion given the Power Meals.

              Monte Alban

              Bay Cities Deli

              Tlapazola Grill on Gateway or Tacos Por Favor

              Food on Pico is easy to do take-out

              Real Food Daily

              1. re: Juji

                a note about the il forno power meals:
                they used to charge extra for EVERYTHING including parmasean cheese to sprinkle on the food.

                also, imho, although the quality is very good, the quantity served certainly doesn't meet bophisto's criteria of: "basically enough food for two meals."

                1. re: westsidegal

                  "...they used to charge extra for EVERYTHING including parmasean cheese to sprinkle on the food."

                  A slight exaggeration?

            2. The best lunch special I've found is the sandwich combo at Honeybaked Ham. For $5, you get a freshly made sandwich with ham or turkey and your choice of two sides -- I love the potato salad and baked beans. I usually eat the sandwich for lunch and save the sides for later.

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              1. re: a_and_w

                Y'know, Honeybaked really does a superlative job with ham -- by far the best of its type I've ever tasted. Dense, rich, tender, smoky, with that sweet crunchy glaze. And considering the quality and convenience, their prices are very reasonable. I think they sell their sandwiches in three different sizes.

                1. re: nosh

                  They do have three sizes -- the price I mentioned is for the smallest. I usually find that's enough (it comes with cheese) for me, though I don't usually eat big lunches. My main complaint is that they apparently have some corporate policy (I'm not kidding) that forbids the toasting of sandwiches. Honestly, if they would just get a toaster oven, they could make the most delicious "toasted specials." I also would love for an avocado option on the turkey sandwiches, but I'm not sure they get the lunch traffic for that to be feasible.

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                    If youre looking for the best sushi deal check on Hayama on Sawtelle and Nebraska. They offer a lunch bento box for $17 which includes
                    choice of soy black cod, chicken teriyaki, garlic beef or tonkatsu
                    comes with assorted sashimi, assorted tempura, macrobiotic small dishes, rice, salad and dessert.
                    Pretty pricey for lunch but its a really good deal for what you get.