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Dec 1, 2008 04:59 PM

Sushi Siam in South Miami

I have enjoyed meals at Sushi Siam on Lincoln Road and Bayshore Siam a bit further north. Over the weekend we went to the new Sushi SIam in South Miami.

It was a lovely restaurant , they did a nice job remodeling it. The food however was really unremarkable, dare I say bland!

The service was overbearing, which is inevitable considering there were several servers and only 3 tables filled.

The most shocking thing were the prices. I know the economy is bad, but 16 dollars for a Tofu dish does seem a bit high

My husband had a Sashimi Appetizer and the fish was actually sttill frozen. I have to admit, that I dont think we will give it a second shot.

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  1. That restaurant is empty all the time, I am shocked everytime i drive infront and I see no one inside, and a couple of blocks away there is ra sushi doing 300 covers a night and selling 100k a week. its crazy

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      I cant believe they put ANOTHER sushi joint in that neighborhood. There are at least 5 within a 3 block radius (Siam, Ra, Miyako, Maki, Origin). I can see why Ra does that biz though. Their sushi is very Americanized and its surprisingly very good for a chain resto. They also have a nice bar scene. That reminds me, I need to go back there soon. The scallop sashimi and the tuna sushi where they deep fry the rice and lay the fish on top are both killer dishes.