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Dec 1, 2008 04:17 PM

Splendid panna cotta

I made a jaw-droppingly delicious panna cotta last night - better than any I have eaten anywhere. Used this recipe: with a couple of adjustments. Instead of the vanilla extract, I used a whole vanilla bean, split and seeds scraped and infused it into the cream as I was heating it. And I also used the larger amount of gelatin (1-3/4 tsp.) because I was worried it would be too soft. It was absolutely perfect. Served it with a puree of mixed berries (just cooked some frozen mixed berries with a bit of sugar, then pureed and strained out the seeds) and some fresh raspberries.

The sour cream adds a bit of complexity to the flavour and the vanilla seeds give it a tiny bit of crunch and amazing vanilla depth. This one is going into my regular rotation. My friends are going to be so sick of it...

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  1. I am amazed by how easy that recipe looks. Panna cotta was the dessert at our wedding (instead of cake), so it holds a special place in our home, but I've never tried to make from scratch Will give it a shot this week.

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      I forgot to come back here to comment, but following the original recipe, with no alterations, I make this panna cotta all the time. It is amazing! And truly wows my guests. I usually make a fruit compote by heating up some Trader Joe's Very Cherry frozen fruit mix with buter and brown sugar and serve that over the top. It's a huge hit.