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Dec 1, 2008 04:15 PM

MSP: Duck Fat

I need to purchase duck fat or goose fat in a relatively large quantity: approx one quart/ 2lbs. I can render it myself if necessary...any ideas as to where I could get this? Preferably if there were a local farm that I could get it from and render myself, it would be ideal.

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  1. I know Surdyk's and Byerly's sell duck fat. I usually buy some around the holidays to make crispy, crunchy oven fried potatoes. I have not bought quite as much as you are looking for. I would recommend that you call your order ahead and they can set it aside for you. I suspect Clancey's will have some too- if they do, I'll buy from them this year.

    Just out of curiosity what will you be making with it?

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      My friend and i are going to start experimenting with doing our own confit duck and goose. I want to see if we can do it in the new slow cooker he got.

    2. Let me know what you find - I couldn't locate anything last year. But I was looking for a smaller amount and never returned to Surdyk's closer to the holidays.

      1. The Asian market across the street from Quang's Deli on Nicollet has it on Friday's, as that's the day the make their roasted ducks for the weekend. I haven't bought any, but I had inquired about it a few months ago when I was thinking of making duck confit.

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          Ah, I think that's Shuang Hur to the rescue, no? I wonder if the St. Paul location also has it or just their Minnepolis store? Either way, good to know!