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Dec 1, 2008 04:03 PM

Chinese restaurant for large reception?

I'd like to host an engagement party for about 180 people at a Chinese restaurant preferably west of downtown although I'd be okay going to Monterey Park [Cerritos is too far south]. I've checked out a few places in Chinatown, but many were kind of shady [stinky carpets, questionable bathrooms]. Suggestions?

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  1. The Dragon palace in Ktown is decent place to hold a large reception.
    My friend had his daughters 1st birthday there (big day for Koreans) and it turned out to be decent. Food wasnt best, but it's hard to find a big enough place that caters to both food and space availabilty.

    1. For a party of that size, either 888 or Ocean Star.

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        Capitol Seafood on Atlantic next to 99 Ranch Market is a beautiful golden, white, flowers decor restaurant and has great dim sum.

      2. Of course, if you are willing to venture into SGV, there are any number of seafood palaces to suit your needs. If keeping more west, both Empress Pavilion and Ocean Seafood are in Chinatown and offer a very attractive space for a party that size.

        1. Mision 261? I haven't eaten there for dinner personally, but it seems to be a common place for receptions and big events.