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Dec 1, 2008 03:48 PM


Has anyone heard anything about a new place on/near Purdy ave called SHISO? I can't find anything on google but I did hear that they are serving strictly sushi- no cooked rolls/cream cheese etc and that it was very good. Looking for more info!

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  1. it is on 20th, between azul liquor store and bartolome restaurant. there is a red mat outside the door, the name is above the other windows, so small you would never see if you weren't looking. i popped my head in the door yesterday around 5- they open at six. the door opens into a sitting area and small bar, didn't see the main restaurant. waiters were dressy in all black with ties, unfortunately didn't take a look at the menu.

    i am curious now, may stop back for dinner one night this week, will report back

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      This place sounds good. Its officially on the radar though a return visit to Matsuri is going to take precedent. Its been too long...

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        The fish quality is good, there is not a large amount of sushi you can eat there. It is mostly sashimi (as of now at least anyway). Scenewise it is sort of like bond st. They are definitely going after the hip younger crowd here.

        I hadn't eaten in Matsuri for a while but I remember preferring Matsuri to Shiso. Matsuri is also cheaper. My first impression was that Shiso was as good or a little better than bond st quality wise but I would need to eat again in both places to confirm.

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          I ignored the drink menu there (I had tap water) but apparently drinks are very very expensive -- even sparkling water...

      1. My friends and I went to celebrate my belated bday and had a mixed bag experience. She had called to make reservations, and the night before the actual rez they called her to ask where she was. She proceeded to confirm it was for the following night, as the person on the phone asked everyone (w/out putting her on hold) where the rez book was.

        The decor of the place is warm and inviting and an eclectic mix of Mexican art and large iron chandeliers with brick walls & warm glow lighting, reminiscent of boston, sao paulo or some little place in a sophisticated but living room -like comfortable corner somewhere. The music was loungy, brasilian jazzy and perfect for the place.

        We loved the drinks, and unlike other posts, found them reasonable or even below other S beach spots.

        We did HATE the fact that the generous and wonderful server, Frederico, had to ask us to move from our "couchy" lounge table to a hard 4 top w/ benches (we were 5) bc they were expecting a party of 20 that had specifically requested the table we were at. We obliged, only to see that the party of "20" arrived almost 1 hour late, and were not 20, but 4, then 5 or 6 (same as our group). We reached an agreement that someone in the "20" were friends w the bar tender, and were getting favored. It was extremely rude and made for some frustration, which we chose to spin towards humor and laughter.

        our new spot had some water dripping due to the AC above, and one of our friends asked for a Tuna Poke and an umbrella. It lightened up our moods and we proceeded to enjoy giving them a hard time due to their lack of professionalism and hospitality. I ordered a bottle of sake and was reminded that it was a 720 ML, which I responded saying, that I was going to share it with my "20" new friends that took our spot.

        I will say that the food ALL took over 1 hour. We ordered all RAW, or rolls and I am not sure how it could possibly have taken that long. The portions were very small, but original, fresh and beautifully presented and tasty. We all shared the Eel Coconut Roll (topped w/ fresh shredded coconut), Spicy Tuna & shrimp tempura roll. All were good. The Tuna Poke did not come out w the rest and took at least another 35 mintues. We were told (and the server apologized again) that the chef was alone as his sous chef had quit a few days before and walked out.
        Regardless, the wait was excessive. I was temped to offer to jump behind the bar and slice & dice my own Tuna Poke.
        Towards the end of our meal, we did get a nice apology from one of the owners, who sent over a complimentary sake and split of champagne. I felt they tried to make up for the several "mistakes" in service.

        We laughed quite a bit about the entire experience and made the best of it. I would only recommend this place if you have lots of patience, or if you are up for chilling out and just having a few drinks. Make sure to request the "lounge" when you make reservations, and dont, i mean DO NOT be fooled into moving bc a large party is coming.